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Get the appraisal and win the listing with Tom Panos

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10 min 51 sec

Tom’s Bio

Tom Panos is a real estate coach, auctioneer and trainer, regarded as one of Australia’s leading coaches on helping real estate people become seven figure agents. His LIVE Sunday Night Rants on Facebook have become a must-watch. Tom is also the founder of Real Estate Gym, 5am Club and is also a commentator on SKY News Business, Channel 602 each week.

What You’ll Learn from Tom:

  • The three prices in real estate: ‘hope to get’ price, the expected price, and ‘report back’ price
  • Telling the truth: things people probably don’t want to hear, but they need to hear
  • Getting prospects from properties that have been on the market for 60 days or more 
  • Getting prospects from past clients
  • Key service strategies
  • You do not prospect the get listing, you prospect to get contacts.
  • Using frequency to build trust and rapport

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