Future in focus: Steve Carroll and Matt Lahood on the top takeaways of Elite Retreat, the industry’s future, and why now’s the time to get face-to-face with clients

They might be two of the industry’s brightest minds, but Digital Live’s Steve Carroll and Matt Lahood say there’s always something to be learned when it comes to trends, customer feedback and best practice. In this episode of the Elevate podcast they look at where that learning should be focused and how the industry works better together.

What happens when you put 160 of the industry’s brightest minds and thought leaders in a room together for two days?

Well big ideas abound, collaboration creates results, and some of the major issues facing real estate are addressed, according to Digital Live’s Steve Carroll and The Agency’s Matt Lahood.

Hot on the heels of attending Elite Retreat earlier this month, these two industry commentators join Elite Agent Managing Editor Samantha McLean to recap the lessons learned.

They offer their insight into ideas that matter, and speak about trends shaping the industry, with Matt sharing insightful and practical tips on navigating the changing market and the key ways agents can better serve their customers.

In an Elevate podcast that covers all the big themes, Matt and Steve look at the conversations leaders need to be having with their team, and the innovative communication strategies that real estate agents now need to employ.

It’s one part best practice and one part an insight into the thinking of some of the industry’s best known leaders and the biggest brands. But one takeaway is apparent, when the real estate industry checks its ego at the door, asks itself hard questions and listens to the ideas of others, there’s a wealth of insight to be gleaned.

If you missed Elite Retreat or are curious about where some of the industry’s big names are directing their attention, this is a podcast not to be missed.

There’s a wealth of takeaways on what agents need to be doing and discussing with sellers and buyers right now, along with how the sector needs to look at the future differently.

There’s also some key explanations on what separates the average agents from the great, and why now is the time to get crystal clear on the skills that matter.

“When we, as an industry, can park our ego at the front door and just come in as great human beings. It’s incredible. The amount of collaboration you can get, it’s incredible. The amount of positivity you can get, the amount of innovation, the amount of teamwork.” – Steve Carroll.

Steve, Matt and Samantha discuss:

  • The major takeaways from Elite Retreat and how Matt, Steve and many others will be employing the lessons learned.
  • How the industry can check their ego at the door, work together and serve their customer at a time when it’s never mattered more.
  • The conversations agents need to be having with sellers and buyers, including tips on dialogue and why now’s the time to get face-to-face.
  • The difference between the good agents and the great and why it always comes back to listening, questioning and guiding clients through the transaction.
  • Matt and Steve’s top tips on the leadership skills that matter right now and why every major brand across the globe will be defined by how leaders perform.
  • Matt’s top dialogue examples for vendors, sellers and leaders in the industry, and why we need to measure business success in a very different way.
  • Steve’s key takeaways on standing out from the crowd, the key trends emerging as a new generation enters the real estate realm, and why great leadership’s never been more challenging.
  • The conversations Matt Lahood is having with his team right now, and why he’s on the hustings with his agents at every opportunity.
  • What the pair are up to at the present, including how The Agency is looking at its metrics differently and the inspiring way the real estate industry has raised a quarter of a million for charity this year.

And much, much more…

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.