Finding your X-Factor: Maz Farrelly on how to grab attention, lose the ‘white noise’ and make customers choose you

When it comes to creating content and standing out from the crowd, it’s not other people’s job to be interested, it’s your job to be interesting, says award-winning TV producer Maz Farrelly. And, as the producer of Australia’s most interesting and popular shows, she should know. Here she shares her tips on how you can create fascinating content and marketing to become a truly memorable brand.

If every word used to describe yourself or your business could either make you a million dollars or cost you a million dollars, how carefully would you choose?

That’s exactly what’s at stake when it comes to creating a TV show, and this is the world of Marion (Maz) Farrelly.

As an award-winning television producer, Maz is an expert in the field of getting and keeping attention. She enjoyed a 30-year career creating the most watched content in Australia, including the original Big Brother, the X-Factor, the ABC’s Q+A, and more.

With an innate knack for unearthing talent and creating content that people want to watch, Maz notes it all comes down to the fact it’s “not the audience’s job to be interested, it’s your job to be interesting”.

In this episode of the Elevate Podcast with Elite Agent Managing Editor Samantha McLean, Maz explains how you can quickly define what exactly makes you interesting to potential clients, and why they should pick you instead of your competitor.

She discusses how to lose the ‘white noise’ in your marketing, and create messages that people remember that make them want to work with you.

In the process, Maz shares the key questions every agent and agency should ask themselves to answer the all-important question ‘why you?’ and looks at how she’ll be using this framework to unearth a true point of difference with attendees at Elite Retreat in August.

In an entertaining podcast that is all about finding your X factor and getting crystal clear on your mission, your point of difference and your message, Maz also pulls back the veil of what it’s like to work in TV and how she’s used this experience to make brands and individuals fascinating.

“When there’s a conversation about your industry, they need to be talking about you and not your competition” – Maz Farrelly

Maz and Samantha also discuss:

  • Why every brand and every business is indeed interesting, but it’s all about getting to the heart of exactly what you do, and why it would matter if you didn’t exist.
  • The key questions every agent and agency should ask to help define a memorable mission and marketing that makes people want to work with you.
  • Why real estate agents are the rockstars of the moment, but need to get crystal clear on how they can stand out from the crowd.
  • How to embrace your x-factor, and become fascinating, memorable and the type of business or brand that people can easily recall.
  • Maz’s top tips on getting comfortable with video and her easy technique to ensure you master the art every single time.
  • Why being memorable is all about the one line that has people hooked, and businesses can be made or broken in a single pitch.
  • How to lose the white noise in your marketing, to ensure your website, your emails, your advertising and your branding hook people in and understand exactly what you do.
  • What it’s like to create the most popular shows on television, and how Maz honed the art of pitching them in a highly memorable way.

Plus much, much more…

Maz Farrelly will be on hand at Elite Retreat from 31 July to 3 August, helping attendees create memorable mission statements and marketing that allow them to find their point of difference and stand out from the crowd.

You can find out more about Elite Retreat and the lineup of speakers and experts attending here.

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.