Fearless and focussed leadership: Geoff Lucas

“We see enormous opportunity to grow The Agency significantly. And we're starting to have a lot of fun and enjoyment in taking those initial steps.” Geoff Lucas

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As the newly-appointed head of The Agency, Geoff Lucas brings a proven track record of business growth and an eye for opportunity to his role as CEO.

In real estate, he has previously worked with brands like McGrath, but has also led major Australian business across a variety of different industries.

In this episode of the Elevate podcast, Geoff explains why The Agency’s vision resonated with him, the direction the industry is heading, and reflects on the leadership lessons learned in a long and highly successful career.

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In this episode, Geoff and Sam also discuss:

  • What growth and opportunity mean to the people in a business and why it gets Geoff out of bed each morning
  • Why Geoff decided to join the Agency to work alongside long time colleague Matt Lahood
  • How the leadership team at The Agency work to their individual strengths
  • Who the big influencers on Geoff’s career have been and how they have led to his success
  • Why The Agency is future-focused on hubs, rather than shop fronts
  • What a day in the life of a brand leader looks like and how Geoff manages his time
  • Why the biggest focus for agents in the current market should be humility and honing their strengths

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