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Every Agent Has A Story: James Bell

Our next story comes from James Bell, Director of Brad Bell Real Estate, who shares the two key lessons he learned during his transition from sales agent to owner and principal of his business.

  • Everything that each person in the property management team does can reflect on an individual – property manager or principal – at any time. Teamwork is crucial.
  • Property managers must be consistent and reliable in their service to their owners, or run the risk of losing a positive relationship.


Hi, I’m James Bell from Brad Bell Real Estate.

My confession today was my transition from being a sales-only person within our business, across to the owner and leader of our business. The story I want to share with you all today is one that still hurts, and it hurts the back pocket.

I had a really good owner of mine who I’d looked after for four or five years and that owner had entrusted me with four or five sales of his properties during that timeframe. He called me one day, and I’ll never forget it, and said, “James, I’m selling my other property.” I said, “Fantastic. When can we get together and sign up the paperwork?”

He actually said to me, “Unfortunately, James, I’ve got some bad news. You’re not getting the property this time around.” Stunned as I was, he then proceeded to tell me that it was due to the mismanagement of the property in our property management team. That owner has now gone on to sell at least another seven or eight properties.

So what I learned from this experience is that real estate isn’t about the individual. In my transition from going from a salesperson to the owner and principal of the business, was it was all about the team, and a reflection of everything that every individual does within our organisation reflects on one individual at any given time. Now in this instance, unfortunately, that cost us somewhere around that $70-80,000 in income to our business.

But I guarantee you what it’s also done is allowed us to refine, reflect, and actually create a business where that will never happen again. And I believe it’s set us apart from the rest of our competition today.

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