Claudio Encina: Three of the best

They say it can be hard to find good advice, but that’s certainly not the case when it comes to real estate coach Claudio Encina.

Claudio has long been one of Elite Agent’s favourite contributors and he’s always ready with some words of wisdom for leaders and agents, whether they have an issue with prospecting, motivating their team or pushing through a quiet patch themselves.

Here: we bring three of Claudio’s best articles so you can refine your listing presentation, motivate your team to be high-performers and drive your business towards success.

The listing presentation mistake you don’t want to make

A listing presentation isn’t a set and forget asset in your real estate business, it needs to be honed, tweaked, refined and changed depending on market conditions and even according to the type of vendors you’re pitching to. 

Claudio says it’s essential for agents to differentiate themselves from their competitors in their listing presentation through a unique selling proposition. 

He also explains how taking a pencil case and drawing diagrams can help you create better connections with would-be vendors.

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5 critical pillars to drive your business

Real estate doesn’t have to be rocket science, if you have the right strategies in place.

That’s where Claudio comes in, explaining the five essential pillars – lead generation, nurturing leads, converting prospects to clients, managing vendor expectations, and efficiently handling buyers – you need in your business to propel your results forward.

Claudio says having systematic methods for each pillar ensures consistent results, warning that without such systems, agents are navigating without direction. 

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How to motivate your team more effectively

Claudio’s Ask the Coach column was a firm favourite with Elite Agent magazine readers for a long time, with agents writing in to get Claudio to solve their problems.

Questions on how leaders could reinvigorate and motivate their team during a slump was a common concern, and in this piece Claudio explains why the future of leadership is about becoming a high-performance leader.

How do you do that? Claudio says there are seven key traits high-performance leaders have. 

Discover what they are here.

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