Claudio Encina: the listing presentation mistake you don’t want to make

Would your business improve if you could convert more appraisals to listings? Top coach Claudio Encina lets you in on the secret to listing presentation success, including why you should carry a pencil case with you to every appointment.

Listing is the heartbeat of any agent’s business.

Without listings and sales in exchange for value, the business dies. If you want business certainty, you must have listing certainty.

Yet, many agents I work with don’t know how to ramp up their conversion in a listing appointment.

Agents make the mistake of walking into a listing presentation, sitting down with a potential client and going through a stock standard agenda.

It’s all, “blah, blah, blah”, and they put the prospect to sleep.

I call this ‘trying to sell someone a process’ versus ‘enrolling a client into a process’.

Do you get a standing ovation at the end of your listing presentation or do you need to give them a nudge to wake them up?

The best outcome you can get is a client saying, “Wow! I’m In”. 

As a sales agent, you need to have a USP – Unique Selling Proposition. 

And you have to communicate that in a more interesting, believable, powerful, and desirable way so the prospect can see and feel your USP. 

Otherwise, your service is just a commodity. If you sound like everyone else, you are the commodity. 

Before they buy into your service, they must buy into you and the value you bring.

Over the past few years, we have seen a significant change in how we must ‘break the code’ and add drawings and diagrams to take the pressure out of the listing presentation and make the prospect feel comfortable with you.

Drawings and models have the power to change how you communicate and the value you create.

They allow you to illustrate what you do to bring a property to market and achieve the result in an organised framework that can be easily explained without jargon or technical language.

The drawings and diagrams act as blueprints for the prospect’s brain so they can understand and actually see your hidden, transformational value.

This creates the entire sales narrative needed to help your prospect recognise that they need your solution and that they can be confident it will change their circumstances.

Understand that where your gaze goes, their focus goes.

If you were to explain timing to a potential client, don’t go on a long rant about market conditions, draw them a property clock.

As you draw the clock, explain where the market has been, where it is now and where it is heading.

Suddenly, the client will clearly see if now is the time to sell. 

Be willing to let them transparently see the genius you bring to the table.

If you did that, what would happen? 

Would your listing conversion increase? 

Would your customers feel happy about choosing to use you, as opposed to ‘having a think about it’?

Think about what you prefer as a customer – someone who really knows you, or someone who just wants to close you?

Instead of using pressure to sell, use the powerfully calm presence of the sage to sell. 

Let them know they are safer with you than without you.

Be the game changer in your marketplace and not the commodity!

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