Safety, certainty and incontestable value: The new listing presentation with Claudio Encina

Real estate agents need to ditch flashy sales pitches and go back to basics and create ‘incontestable value’ to win listings in the current climate, according to top real estate coach Claudio Encina.

Speaking during one of last year’s Transform lessons, Claudio Encina says potential sellers feel “uncertain, unsafe and uncomfortable”, but when it came to selling they wanted an agent to allay those fears with a sound blueprint on how they will sell their home.

“What you might have been doing in a listing presentation four or five weeks ago, that would be totally irrelevant today,” he says.

“What we want to give them is some really good perspective and the context in a way that the message they get will be very, very clear.”

Claudio says agents can create incontestable value through creating a blueprint for the sale using two visual techniques -–explaining The Property Clock and a Nine-Step Framework.

“There’s too much bad news via audio right now,” says Claudio.

“So agents need to get out the pen and paper in their listing presentations and explain the process and expected outcomes in a more visual way.

“When you make it visual, it becomes more interesting.” 

The Nine-Step Framework sees an agent draw a grid and outline, step-by-step, everything they will do to ensure a sale takes place safely and smoothly, with minimal health risks for the vendors and buyers during the coronavirus crisis.

Such steps include offering private appointments instead of open homes to minimise the number of people through the property and expanded marketing with highest level photography and videography, including virtual walk-throughs and floor plans, to create connections with buyers on an emotional level.

“This Nine-Step Framework becomes your client’s blueprint for selling their home, and they know what to expect at every step of the way, ” Claudio says.

“That then becomes your incontestable value as to why they should choose you.”

Claudio says it’s important agents use visual techniques, including real-time hand drawings, in their listing presentations to ensure their message is getting across loud and clear.

“When it becomes more interesting, and you start drawing things for people, it becomes more believable. 

“Because it becomes more believable, it becomes way more powerful.”

Claudio says when a potential vendor feels as though they are on the same page as an agent, that agent’s presentation to listing conversion rate climbs to 80 per cent or higher.

Claudio’s Transform lesson also includes an in-depth discussion on the three values sellers will buy from you, the three potential outcomes of a listing presentation, and how to get vendors to sign up then and there, plus sellers’ and buyers’ biggest fears and how to overcome them.

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Kylie Dulhunty

Kylie Dulhunty is the Editor at Elite Agent.