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Ask the Coach: How to motivate your team more effectively

Top coach Claudio Encina answers your questions about motivation and how to cope with a sales slump.

Q. How can I more effectively motivate my team? – Francois Vassiliades, LJ Hooker Campsie

The future of leadership is becoming not a good leader, but about becoming a high-performance leader. I normally raise this with clients if they are struggling to get their team to perform at their highest level. They need you to step up; they will never outgrow or outperform you with the level of effort you bring. The fact is, they will never care as much or work as hard as you do; you set the boundaries for your team.

There are seven traits that make a high-performance leader.

1. Constant state of growth.
For high-performance leaders, it’s always about how to keep growing week by week, month by month and year by year; not growing is a foreign concept to this type of leader. Look at always expanding your skills, talents, mindset. Get yourself into a growth process. Five areas where I believe you should always be growing are spiritually, mentally, physiology/exercise, relationships and skills. As they say, lead by example.

2. High level of responsibility.
Always take 100 per cent of responsibility with anything and everything in your life, including your team. If you take responsibility and ownership then your team will start to take responsibility too.

3. Love the process.
It’s the process that will give you the necessary outcome. Most agents or principals don’t like processes and prefer to focus only on the outcome, but you can’t achieve great things in life without hard work. Learn to love the process.

Your team will never care as much or work as hard as you do; you set the boundaries for them.

4. Spring-loaded towards action.
You’ve heard the saying ‘Just do it’. That’s what the high-performance leaders do; they don’t dwell, think or ponder but just take massive action. Don’t get stuck with paralysis analysis. Make sure your focus is in action, not inaction.

5. Run toward your fears.
The brave eat their fear before the fear eats them. One of the daily practices of excellent leaders is to do something that stretches them and causes them to confront their limits. That’s how you build self-confidence and become invincible. Push risk. Hug change. Go for your biggest opportunities.

6. Persistent level of determination.
Failure is quitting before you’ve reached your outcomes. High-performing leaders are able to pursue their outcomes and not quit until the job is done. It’s not about the setbacks, falling short or missing the goal; you only fail when you quit going for the outcome.

7. No lone wolves.
You can’t do this on your own. You know your strengths and weaknesses. A team will always outperform an individual, so learn to empower others, delegate and trust people.

Go through the rest of your life being one of the rare individuals who’s not a good leader or a great leader but a high-performing leader.

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