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AREC 2018 Feature Interview: Taney Jain with Claudio Encina

In our latest feature interview from the AREC2018 Elite Agent Studio, Claudio Encina talks to Taney Jain about his start in real estate, why prospecting is his oxygen, and how he maintains both a positive mindset and a strong standing in his market.


Claudio: Well, guess who stopped by the couch here at Elite Agent Magazine stand at AREC 2018? None other than Taney Jain. Taney, thank you for dropping in, my friend.

Taney: Thank you so much.

Claudio: You did your keynote this morning, and I’ve asked a few people, “Who is your favourite speaker?”. And you have come up every time. You really moved the crowd, and it was an inspiring keynote. It was all about zero to a million dollars. So tell me a little bit about your story.

Taney: I started real estate three years back, but it was a God’s act, I would say, that he put me in real estate because I had no knowledge about real estate when I started. I was doing cleaning, door knocking, car washing as well. I was thinking [I’d] drive trucks, and I’d given my written exam and was waiting for my final exam to start and I got sick. I lost the money. 

Then someone said to do real estate. And I said I’m doing a trial for three months because there’s a hundred thousand dollar figures and stuff, I don’t know how to write it. And I don’t know how to write it, and I don’t know anything about it. I said, “Why would someone buy the house for me? And what is inside the bricks? I don’t know. “

And people laughed and said, “Nah, pick up the phone, call these people.” And I started like 10:00 in the morning calling everyone. It was a struggle for four months. Literally thought I would give up on this job because no one used to trust me as an estate agent. I had no contacts. 

But slowly, something inside me was pushing me. “Why do you keep changing jobs? What will happen? Either do it or go home.” And I said, “Let’s do it.” I made similar progress, continued and I got my first block of land to sell, which was 26,000 above the market price. I listed it anyways, but ended up selling it. I sold it while I was on a stretcher going in the hospital for my surgery, and my principal called me and said, “Sold.”

Claudio: In your talk, you talk about prospecting is oxygen, right? So most agents hate getting on the phone. You have no fear about getting on the phones, right? Tell us about what does it look like on a day-to-day level for you, your prospecting.

Taney: Like I said, prospecting is oxygen in this industry. If I don’t bond with big contacts over here and even if I bond with a contact, those contacts will be spread over areas, different areas where I’m not a master of. So I want to master of one particular suburb. 

So I want to be known as the David Jones of my area. Currently, I’m working as a Coles and Woolsworths of my area. When it comes to buying groceries and people say, “Let’s go to Coles and Woolworths,” I want to be [this] when it comes to real estate. Because if I don’t prospect, who knows? Tomorrow the market goes down or up, people, if they don’t know you, how will you survive in this?

Claudio: In this industry, yeah, absolutely.

Taney: And I would say the people have a fear of rejection from cold calling or prospecting, let’s say, because they take things personally. I don’t take things personally. Because when you call and people dislike you, that’s their problem. That’s not your problem.

Claudio: I get that. There’s like no room for emotion.

Taney: There’s no room.

Claudio: As soon as you get emotional, it’s like you’ve become vulnerable.

Taney: Absolutely.

Claudio: And you fall back on your insecurities. Taney, do you get up and you go, “I can’t get on the phone. It’s just too hard”? Or is it just like turn it on every day?

Taney: There are days where I don’t feel like that much energy in me. There are certain days, and they come up when you have some things going in your personal life. And everyone has those issues, and sometimes you have a bad day with your family or parents, with your friends. And you don’t want to prospect, or mentally it affects because we carry a lot of stress. And it’s more a mental game. But I try to listen to more podcasts, more energy based stuff, which lifts me up.

Claudio: So controlling what you’re bringing in and feeding in to your mind every day?

Taney: Yes. One of the sayings by Rocky [Balboa], which I’m a fan of is, “It’s not about how hard you hit, it’s about how hard you hit and get up and move forward.”

Claudio: It’s so true. It’s a great saying. Now tell me, how do you find yourself three years in the industry and there are probably agents in your marketplace who have probably been in there for a long time, they’re established. How do you start to grab a bit of the land, a bit of market share from them?

Taney: You have to be proactive. If a vendor says that I’m not available at 8:30, you say are you available 10:00? I’m available. I know I can do the job for you. It’s just about … If you work seven days, people like it. For example, I ran my first home listing and it was a market for a different agent and he said, “Why should I give it to you? You haven’t sold any property?” I said, “You’re already listed with Experience One. There’s no harm in trying. You’re not losing anything. Your property’s still there.” I ended up selling 35,000 more. I’ve got that vendor testimony on my Facebook.

Claudio: So it’s about, for you, the belief. Conviction.

Taney: It’s belief, energy. If you look up in the eyes, show the energy, people believe and trust in you.

Claudio: A hundred percent. I’m feeling it right now, Taney. I’m feeling it right now. Thank you so much, and have a great 2018.

Taney: Thank you so much.

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