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Another big name signs on to use Propic AI technology

One of Australia’s best real estate agents, Vivien Yap, will introduce Propic Artificial Intelligence technology to meet her clients’ expectations for 24/7 customer service.

The Ray White Dalkeith principal said she was “very excited” to implement Propic’s concierge AI virtual assistant across her sales and property management divisions.

“There has been a change in the level of service clients expect,” Ms Yap said.

“In the current world, everyone wants something immediately. Potential clients don’t want to wait for an email or a phone call; they want an answer right now.

“We want to be able to respond in real-time and be immediate with our replies. Propic enables us to give our clients an extra layer of service.”

Ms Yap, who operates in Perth’s high-end real estate market, said Propic’s AI technology would be particularly helpful in servicing the agency’s many overseas clients.

“We have a lot of overseas clients and clients who are travelling since the borders opened,” she said.

“When people are overseas or away on family time, I find they often want to communicate via email later in the day or at night.

“As much as I’d love to work 24/7, I am human, and I need to sleep. But this technology will mean the clients’ queries will be answered at the time that suits them.”

Ms Yap said introducing the virtual assistant wasn’t a one-size-fits-all model, and all of the responses it makes to clients could be tailored to meet her brand’s tone of voice and high standards.

“It gives you the ability to provide better customer service,” she said.

“Better dialogue, better tone of voice, better grammar. Everything can be checked and double-checked.”

Ms Yap also said working closely with Propic AI Industry Lead Jin Choong had instilled her with confidence, not only in the technology’s capability, but that it would meet clients’ needs.

“What I love is that Jin is an ex real estate agent,” she said.

“He ran his own office, had a very successful business and he understands the pressures of what a real estate agent and agency does.

“Jin communicates directly with the people building the data points so they know what we need to provide as a service to our clients.”

Propic Founder and Chief Executive Officer Jeffery Gray said it was wonderful to have Ms Yap and the Ray White Dalkeith/Claremont team join the Propic family.

“Vivien is one of Australia’s best agents, and she won the Annual REA Excellence Award for the Top Residential Salesperson in Western Australia for 2021,” he said.

“It’s fantastic to have an agent of Vivien’s calibre on board.”

Mr Gray said Ms Yap choosing Propic’s AI technology came on the back of a successful 2021-2022 financial year for Propic, where its customer base increased 200 per cent as more agencies respond to consumer pressure to be “always on” while protecting the mental wellbeing of its staff. 

He said Propic had recorded triple-digit revenue growth year-on-year.

“We have more than doubled our customer base, we’ve doubled the revenue of the business in 12 months, and we’ve been doing that year-on-year,” Mr Gray said.

“We’ve had that consistent growth now over three years, and even as the business gets bigger, we’re still doubling every 12 months, so you’re getting compound growth.”

Mr Gray said the number of properties under management using Propic AI technology had grown from 4000 to more than 40,000 in the past 12 months, and the acquisition of Property Realm had enabled it to ease property managers’ stress levels and workloads.

He said this ability to “problem-solve” for clients was the driving force behind Propic’s success.

“We’ve been able to prove to the industry, year-on-year, that we solve real problems,” Mr Gray said.

“The fact we’ve created true machine learning AI for real estate is almost secondary, our driving purpose is to make a lasting difference on this generation. 

“We are helping elevate and equip modern real estate pioneers to serve the always-on generation without sacrificing their own mental health and business success.

“When you can demonstrate to customers, ‘here are some of the real challenges you’ve got in your business – scalability, cost, the mass exodus of property managers, recruitment, stress – and you can demonstrate, in real, material ways, how the tech is going to impact their business and prove it does that’, then it makes the process a lot easier.”

While Mr Gray remained coy about what Propic would work on in the real estate AI space over the next 12 months, he hinted that outbound, prospecting AI and voice-related AI would “play a massive role”, along with a significant re-brand in the near future

“Since starting Propic three years ago, we’ve been listening and learning as we go,” Mr Gray said.

“Heading into the new financial year, we’ve got a renewed sense of clarity on our purpose, the problems our products solve, and where we believe we’re going as an industry. 

“In the next few weeks you’re going to be seeing a new look from us, and getting an even clearer picture of who we are and how we’re here to help modern real estate pioneers get ahead and stay ahead in an always-on world.”

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