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Win win conversations with Kamal Sarma

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1 hour 12 minutes 52 seconds

What You’ll Learn:

In a world of complexity, change and disruption, your ability to communicate on a deeper level is vital. Those who can influence relationships and results positively in the future will have a clear competitive advantage.

But what if you aren’t aware of how you are coming across? How the way your early years cemented your internal monologue, and how these disempowering language patterns translate to the people you speak to?

You may be listening to a client, but if they don’t feel ‘heard’ then you will have a communication breakdown on your hands – and you may not be aware of the damage it is doing. In real estate, this can be fatal.

In this webinar, communications expert Kamal discusses:

  • The three reasons communication breaks down
  • How your choice of language can influence others – even on a subconscious level – and how this is hardwired from an early age
  • Why a ‘feedback’ culture is so important in business, and how to foster this as a leader
  • Why the first 30 seconds when meeting a client is vital
  • Why listening is different to making someone feel heard
  • How we can compensate for the growing lack of visual cues in digital communication

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