Vanessa Jeans joins Harcourts Victoria as franchise development manager

Vanessa Jeans has been appointed franchise development manager and corporate auctioneer for Harcourts Victoria, bringing with her a wealth of real estate experience.

As one of just a small group for female auctioneers, Mrs Jeans has a unique skill set Harcourts Victoria is looking forward to tapping into as it focuses on future success.

“We’re excited and delighted to have Vanessa come onboard,” Harcourts Australia Chief Executive Officer Adrian Knowles said.

“Her skill set feeds straight into Harcourts’ vision of the best people in the best roles for the best results.”

Harcourts Victoria Chief Executive Officer Tony Morrison said having Mrs Jeans as Victoria’s FDM meant franchises would enjoy a new level of support.

“And as corporate auctioneer Vanessa will bring a unique perspective to one of our most important processes,” he said.

Mrs Jeans started her career in property management, before joining the corporate team in a support role. Mrs Jeans has evolved from state administrator, executive assistant to the CEO, and recruitment manager before, most recently, stepping into the auction space.

“When I first began I had the pleasure of working for two phenomenal female leaders, Andrea McNaughton and Kristy Bartlett,” Mrs Jeans said.

“As a young female, in an otherwise male predominant industry, it was a rare opportunity to be mentored by strong women and one I will always treasure.”

Over her time in the industry, she has also been lucky to have some great male mentors, including Domenic Belfiore, Stephen Dullens and Matthew Condon.

“It has been a pleasure working with each and every one of them and I am beyond grateful for their friendship over the years,” she said.

A big believer in a ‘people first’ philosophy as well as fostering strong team cultures, Mrs Jeans said these are the fundamentals of any successful business.

Mrs Jeanas has also worked with Harcourts Australia Chief Operating Officer Lisa Pennell and and Mr Knowles, which means she knows their passion and values.

“I know their energy and leadership is infectious, and it’s these qualities that have attracted me to join their team,” Mrs Jeans said.

“It has always been clear that their values align with my own and I am beyond excited to get onboard this journey with them.”

Mrs Jeans starts her new role on April 26 and is highly motivated by the opportunity it affords.

“I am thrilled that my new role at Harcourts will continue to allow me to work with the best people in the industry,” she explained.

“Real estate is of course all about relationships and working with people who inspire me is something that motivates me above all else.

“I’m also excited to be able to assist the Harcourts network as an auctioneer and I am looking forward to the opportunity to further develop this aspect of the business.

“The opportunity to again be mentored by a strong and successful woman was a big part of the reason to join Harcourts.

“I’m thrilled to working with Lisa again. Harcourts’ support for its people was also a significant part of the attraction.

“Navigating the challenges of balancing both a professional and family life seems slightly less daunting with a support network around you that can really relate.”

Mrs Jeans has joined Harcourts at an exciting period of growth, innovation, and opportunity, and said she’s excited to be a part of that.

“I am confident that together with the Harcourts Australia leadership team, we will make a significant impact on the industry I love,” she said.

“For us, it’s only blue skies ahead.”

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