Tom Ferry: 5 questions to ask yourself to get back on track

With all of the uncertainty happening in the world and the real estate market today, a top US coach has shared his tips on regaining your confidence and sense of direction.

Tom Ferry said some agents have been taken “off kilter”.

“They’ve lost a lot of their mojo, they’ve lost a lot of their swagger,” he said.

But he said it is possible to get it back by asking five questions – the same five questions former Disney alum Mike Vance shared with him years ago.

Answering these five questions will help you to recentre and focus on what truly matters.

  1. What is your purpose?

Tom says having a sense of purpose can give you a sense of direction and meaning, which can be especially important during times of uncertainty.

“If you recentre around what is your purpose, personally or professionally, or a combination of the two, and you just lock in on that, you’re gonna be back on track,” he says.

  1. What are your God-given talents?

When you work on your talents, it can create a sense of flow and does not feel like work.

It also has the potential to supercharge your business.

“What do you do that has massive impact, that moves the needle, that you do every single day?” Tom asks.

“You’ve got to do more of that.”

  1. What do you value?

Tom says it’s important for agents to remind themselves of their values when they felt off kilter, to remind themselves to stay grounded and focused on what truly matters.

“When we get off kilter, oftentimes we need to stop and say to ourselves, ‘Wait a minute, I value honesty, integrity, doing the right thing, hard work, success,” he says. 

“The things that matter most to you – love, passion, relationships- whatever it may be, you’ve got to get back to what you value.”

  1. What is the dent you want to make in the universe?

Tom says the dent you want to make in the universe is a reminder that you are not here just for yourself, but to make a positive impact on the world.

He says agents needed to think about where they’d like to be in 20 years and what dent they’d like to have made in the universe.

“What was the impact you made?” Tom says..

“What’s the story, the headline, of what you’ve accomplished in 20 years?

“It’s just that reminder that we may get caught up in the moment, the small minutia of the day, versus having the perspective that the day you’re born and the day you die and the dash in the middle. That’s the story of your life. But this moment right now is a micro, micro blip in the dash of your life.”

  1. Who do you want to be in 20 years?

Tom says setting a clear vision of who you want to be in 20 years would help you focus on long-term goals and make decisions that align with your future goals.

“Who’s that guy? Who’s that gal? How do they show up in the world?” he asks. 

“How did they operate? How do they communicate? How do they connect with others? 

“How do they move the needle in their business and in their lives?” 

Tom says when you answer these questions you will be able to get back on track regardless of what’s happening around you.

“The moment you answer those questions, it won’t matter what’s happening in the world,” he said.

“It won’t matter what’s happening in the market, because you know who you are, what you stand for, and what you’re committed to.

“That’s how you get back on track.”

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Kylie Dulhunty

Kylie Dulhunty is the Deputy Editor at Elite Agent.


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