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The power of direct conversations: Caroline Bolderston

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60 min 17 sec

What You’ll Learn:

Do you hold back from having direct conversations with your clients because you want to keep them happy 100 per cent of the time?

Do you worry they won’t like you and you’ll lose their business if you have to sit down and have a tough talk about their property or the real estate market?

You’re not alone.

In this Transform lesson, top coach Caroline Bolderston explains what Powerful Direct Conversations are and the three reasons agents fear having them.

She sheds light on the top two things agents need to stop doing as well as the four things they must do to comfortably have a PDC, including delving below the surface to discover what clients truly value.

Caroline deep dives into how to use her Unconscious Questioning Technique to discover those values and how you can use Kim Scott’s Radical Candor model to approach PDCs the right way.

n this Transform lesson Caroline also discusses:

  • What powerful direct conversations are and why you need to have them.
  • The three elements holding you back from having direct conversations.
  • The two activities real estate agents need to stop, including “telling and selling”, particularly in listing presentations.
  • The four behaviours real estate agents need to focus on to foster direct conversations, win listings and sell properties, including the importance of regularly engaging with a client’s dream.
  • Kim Scott’s Radical Candor method and how to use it in your business.
  • How to use the Unconscious Questioning Technique to dig below the surface of what clients really want, including the importance of throwing preset questions away.
  • How to match your strategies to what your clients want.
  • Why you must set expectations with your clients in order to have powerful direct conversations.

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