The leadership diaries: Rebecca Halton

“I've learned that I can have it all. I actually can be a great mum. I can have a great business. I can be a fantastic wife and I can actually look after myself.” Rebecca Halton.

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Having started in real estate as a second-generation agent more than 20 years ago, Rebecca Halton is the CEO of LJ Hooker City Residential in Perth.

As a young mum and the head of a growing business, she has successfully navigated the work life balance to get to the point where she says it is possible to have it all.

Rebecca is also the winner of this year’s LJ Hooker Accelerate program, and the cover story of the Winter edition of Elite Agent Magazine.

In this edition of the Elevate podcast, she shares an insight into her leadership approach including the tough lessons she’s learned along the way and the daily habits she’s implemented to achieve success.

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Samantha and Rebecca also discuss:

  • Why self-care is critical for all real estate professionals and leaders, and why being ‘selfish’ isn’t about being selfish at all
  • How small daily habits can improve your mindset and productivity
  • What she’s doing for her team to ensure they look after themselves
  • The difference that deleting social media made to Rebecca’s work and personal life
  • How she manages rookie recruits to help them achieve success
  • Why leadership can be a lonely world at the top
  • The lessons Rebecca wished she’d learned earlier, including patience, persistence and faith in her abilities
  • And more…

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