The D’Luxe Nuts: A real-world recap of Season 2 episode 6 plus an exclusive interview with Monika Tu

The finale of Luxe Listings season 2 did not disappoint with some key questions answered about our agents, their properties and their futures. In this episode of D’Luxe Nuts, Samantha McLean and Dave Skow unpack the lessons learned from some of the industry’s best.

Just as we were becoming accustomed to our weekly dose of luxury properties, stunning Sydney views, and a wealth of timeless agent one-liners, the credits have rolled on the final episode of Luxe Listings Sydney season 2.

While it’s time to temporarily step back from our home grown guilty binging pleasure, there were plenty of real-life industry takeaways to be gleaned from the finale.

In this episode of D’Luxe Nuts, Elite Agent managing editor Samantha McLean and industry trainer Dave Skow unpack the real-world real estate lessons of episode 6 along with highlights of the whole season.

They discuss the highs and the lows of the series, the lessons that translate to real estate everywhere and look at the masterclass tutorials that some of the industry’s best-known agents offer when it comes to negotiation, vendor management, property marketing, creating a point of difference, and more.

As a highlight of this week’s podcast, Dave also spends time with this year’s season newcomer, Monika Tu, who shares her thoughts on entering the show, how agents can work together, and how she offers world-class customer service.

Monika provides her perspective on the advantages of co-listing and why it can be a major benefit to vendors, and shares an insight into the authentic personality that has made her one of this season’s big drawcards.

Samantha and Dave also take a deep-dive into the actionable elements of the episode that agents can apply to their own business, including how to manage a vendor who has high expectations and why Gavin Rubinstein is a master in this space.

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There’s also an opportunity to pull out the pens and take note of exactly how to handle a conversation about your unique selling proposition, point of difference and that all-important elevator pitch.

And yes, it’s an episode that offers some welcome closure on big issues like the agent takeover  of Laing + Simmons, whether Simon Cohen and Gavin’s bromance can survive business, and the question on everyone’s lips – who could possibly live up to the legacy of Gav’s exceptional assistant Remi?

There’s also an insight into what Ray White TRG is up to next and the cliffhanger of who will find the ultimate pad for Australian singing icon Delta Goodrem.

“Sometimes you have difficult cases. Sometimes you have easy cases. You know what? Just do the best you can. I never look at the results. I look at every day and think ‘Have I done the best I can?’. By doing that, I feel like every day is a new day and I can sleep knowing I’ve done the best I can.” – Monika Tu

Samantha and Dave also discuss:

  • Why a clear definition of your unique selling proposition and point of difference is essential, and how to identify each.
  • How to master the elevator pitch and the ways you can use vendor questions to get a listing across the line.
  • How a vendor’s major research always takes place online, and why questions are the opportunity for you to ensure your persona matches up with what they expect.
  • How Monika Tu brings authenticity, enthusiasm and a sense of humour to the real estate transaction and why it attracts vendors and buyers.
  • Why TRG’s attention to detail is the key to their success and how they apply this trait in property marketing, presentation, vendor management and beyond.
  • How top-performing agents maintain their energy and the ways they go above and beyond to manage vendors, buyers, and property marketing.
  • Why time in reconnaissance is never time wasted and how market knowledge and research helps you have better conversations with buyers and sellers.
  • Why auctions can help provide momentum for a sale and how to ensure the highest possible offer is on the table by the time the hammer falls.
  • How to have a tough conversation with a vendor with high expectations and why it’s all about a careful balance of listening, providing expert advice, and honouring their wishes.

And much, much more…

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Samantha McLean

Samantha McLean is the Co-Founder and Managing Editor of Elite Agent and Host of the Elevate Podcast.