Luxury lister: Michael Pallier talks premium properties, exceptional service, and how to sell Australia’s finest real estate

Want to take your client service skills to elite level? Check out this episode of the Elevate Podcast with special guest Michael Pallier

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Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when selling Sydney’s finest properties? It’s not all Luxe Listings, flash cars and high-flying lifestyles, according to Sotheby’s Sydney managing director Michael Pallier.

Michael has sold some of Australia’s most valuable prestige property, smashing auction and suburb records along the way. Eye watering sales prices like $95 million effortlessly roll off his tongue, while harbourside properties in Vaucluse, Point Piper and Double Bay are his daily reality.

So, what does it take to sell these properties and attract prestige clients in the process?

If Michael’s anything to go by, it’s a down to earth personality, great service, and the realisation that real estate is first and foremost a people business, no matter what walk of life your clients come from.

In this really enjoyable episode of the Elevate Podcast, Michael proves why he’s renowned as a true gentleman of real estate.

He shares a host of great stories about selling some very well-known properties, along with the skills required to be a top agent handling some of the most valuable real estate in Australia.

He also shares the secrets to his success, and how he went from luxury car sales to luxury real estate. By the way, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. He didn’t list anything in his first three months, and has some great takeaways on how he turned that around to achieve momentum.

“I think people respect you if you put the hard yards in and you work hard. It’s not about you as the agent, it’s about the client…you’ve got to be a little bit low-key, work hard and just give the people what they want. Then you’ll be very successful.” Michael Pallier

Samantha and Michael also discuss:

  • What luxury service looks like
  • How to become a prestige property agent
  • The basics of real estate that apply, no matter the market or the price bracket
  •  Michael’s top tips for productivity
  • How to build a business based on repeat clientele
  •  How he structures his day to achieve consistent success (spoiler alert…Apple’s iPhone is part of the equation, and so is his love of cars)
  • Why Michael has no regrets, and believes fitness and health is critical to his role as an agent  
  • How he feels about his recent appearance on Luxe Listings Sydney
  • What’s happening with that historic castle at Castle Cove
  • Why Sotheby’s NSW is eyeing Byron Bay

    And so much more…

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