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The Art of Modern Communication: Kamal Sarma

“We've learned how to be technologically incredibly bright, but we still struggle to connect with one another…” Kamal Sarma

Talk to anyone and they will say that 2020 has been full of lessons in effective communication, with probably still more to come. But what are the lessons we need to take forward from this year to set us up for success in connecting on a deeper level with our clients, our teams, our families and other people we meet?

CEO and Founder of Rezilium Kamal Sarma says true leadership right now is one of the scarcest resources on our planet – and mastery of this topic is not something that you can learn from a listicle.

But in this episode of the Elevate Podcast, we discuss what you can do to learn and practice to master the art of communication and modern leadership – bringing greater awareness of empowering vs disempowering language and how to change from traditional win-lose thinking to true win-win styles of communication. 

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Samantha and Kamal also discuss:

  • The lack of leadership in the world in general and what we can do to change that
  • The fact that 49 per cent of employees would rather quit than have a conversation about a workplace issue and what to do about it
  • How to open the lines of communication 
  • Listening – why Kamal believes it’s now an overrated term and what the person sitting opposite you really wants
  • Why you should be wary of tips and hacks when it comes to mastering leadership
  • How and why leaders should ask for feedback
  • Positive vs negative language patterns, where they came from and how to change them
  • Beating ‘zoom fatigue’ and building relationships quickly even in online situations
  • How Richard Morecroft helped him improve his English accent.


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