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The agent ecosystem with Mark Mcleod

Video Length

52 min 40 sec

Mark’s Bio

Mark McLeod is the Ray White Group’s Chief Executive of Growth. With an impressive track record spanning 25 years and a wide variety of roles, he has mentored some of Australia’s largest franchised and independent real estate businesses and is well known as a compelling industry speaker.

What You’ll Learn from Mark:

  • Understanding the core product of your real estate business: trust 
  • Six divisions that run a real estate business: data, pipeline, stock management, after-sales, the marketing community, and property management. 
  • Calculating the efficiency factor in your business
  • The number one reason why agents fail and how to avoid it
  • Building a foundation to give you the confidence to expand your capacity
  • Building ecosystems in your business that affects people in all divisions that you run.
  • The formula for success

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