Sherrie Storor’s Build Your Best Life podcast launches Season 2

Australian entrepreneur Lorna Jane Clarkson will join a host of big-name real estate professionals, including Ewan Morton and Michael and Joel Davoren, on Season 2 of Sherrie Storor’s Build Your Best Life (BYBL) podcast.

Season 2 of the BYBL podcast launches on August 16, featuring 26 episodes aimed at inspiring real estate agents to build and leverage success in both their careers and personal lives.

Build Your Best Life is all about being honest about life and honest about our real estate businesses,” Sherrie said.

“We all have trauma, we all have adversity, and it’s about how we overcome that to change our mindset, take it really seriously to get the best out of our careers, and harness our skill sets to put the right systems, structures and teams in place to build our income and business.

“Once you can do that, that’s when you can create freedom, choice and wealth.”

Four new episodes will drop on the season launch, including an episode with Lorna Jane Clarkson and a second episode with Ewan Morton.

“Season 2 of BYBL features 13 interviews, with one coming out each fortnight,” Sherrie said.

“In between, there will be episodes where I’ll be giving my best tips, tricks, hacks, standard operating procedures, strategies, and ideologies so agents can directly implement them straight into their businesses.

“I’ll be talking about how to build a celebrity profile, modern versus traditional leadership models, how to build an EBU, how to build a team from the ground up, including how to recruit and retain team members and all of the systems and structures to leverage your listings, sales and results to go from zero to hero.”

Lorna Jane Clarkson formed part of Sherrie’s latest Mastermind series, and on the podcast, she’ll reveal how to build a celebrity profile and your personal brand.

“She has global domination when it comes to an activewear brand,” Sherrie said.

“She’s really huge and her business is built on her own name and her own profile. She’s created a following of people who really believe in her and believe in her brand, and she’s been able to translate that into business growth with online and in-house retail stores around the world.”

Ewan Morton will also star on the podcast to discuss traditional and modern leadership, along with how he has created long-term retention in his team.

“He’s got agents who’ve been working with him for 20+ years and others who have been working with him for 10 years,” Sherrie said.

“But the average tenure is four years, which is really important because this industry is often very churn and burn in nature.

“So we want to understand how Ewan has been able to retain team members for such long periods.”

Sherrie said BYBL would also feature Michael and Joel Davoren discussing leadership and succession planning, Zali Reynolds on auctions and unique business models and Nicole Hintz on overcoming adversity and cancer.

She said there would also be some newer names amongst the guests, including RE/MAX Revolutions owners Brittany and Eiles Hunt.

“Brittany and Eiles Hunt have gone from not writing a single sale to writing 108 in a year,” Sherrie said.

“It’s really important to have different voices on the podcast to reveal how they’ve come through and developed in such a short time.”

After a successful Season 1, charting at No. 6 on the Australian business charts, Sherrie dropped four preseason episodes – two ‘best of’ episodes featuring her favourite snippets and tips from Season 1, and two ‘revisit’ episodes where Sherrie catches up with favourite guests to find out how they’ve progressed in the past 12 months.

Those favourite guests include Hayley Van de Ven on doubling the number of offices she owns and the transition challenges involved, Leanne Pilkington on modern leadership and Eoghan Murphy on how he’s moved from writing $500,000 GCI to $2 million.

Other guests include Kollosche’s Jamie Harrison, Marshall White Mornington Peninsula Director Louise Lupton and McGrath’s Craig Lea.

The podcast is available on Spotify, Google Podcasts and Apple Podcasts and you can find the episode guides here.

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