RE/MAX Revolution sisters on the hunt for more success

Queensland sisters Eiles and Brittany Hunt have won RE/MAX Australia’s prestigious Titan Club Award in their first year as sales agents after writing $900,000 gross commission income (GCI).

When the dynamic duo bought RE/MAX Revolution in Brisbane’s Shailer Park in 2018, they’d never sold a property and initially worked as business development manager and office manager in the franchise.

The co-principals had always wanted to move into sales and finally did so with a lot of nerves and even more determination at the start of 2021.

Just a year later, they’ve sold 78 properties and listed 24 others in the last three weeks alone.

“It’s been an amazing first year, and we’re so proud of all that we’ve achieved,” Eiles said.

“We’ve got big goals for this year to double what we achieved in our first year of sales.”

The sisters credit their first-year sales success to a combination of dedication, determination and implementing top coach Sherrie Storor’s processes and procedures for leveraging listings and sales.

The process includes a 51-point checklist that took them through every step they needed to list a property, market it, sell it and leverage the result to generate more business.

Eiles said the checklist worked hand-in-hand with Sherrie’s letter packs, which provide innovative template letters to send out at various stages of a property’s campaign.

“We would send out a ‘just listed’ letter to the neighbourhood to let everyone know we’re about to list a property, then we’d send a letter as soon as it’s under contract and then two weeks after it had sold, we would send a third letter, which was a prospecting letter highlighting that we had leftover buyers,” she said.

“We’ve had so much positive feedback from those letters, and they’ve generated numerous appraisals, listings and sales.”

Eiles said one of the best things about the letter packs was that there were three different packs to choose from, and you could select the one that fitted your personal brand.

The letters in the ‘Yours in Real Estate’ pack have a sensible, more traditional feel about them, while the ‘Keeping Real Estate Real’ pack has a fun tone of voice, and the ‘Here to Help, Not Hustle’ pack was bold and filled with personality.

“The letters we sent out said things like, ‘It’s a done deal, almost. Roll out the welcome mat and start baking cookies; you’ve got new neighbours to meet’,” Eiles said.

“They aren’t just your standard DLs, they’re fun and have a lot of warmth to them. They worked perfectly for our personalities and our brand.”

Sherrie said her letter packs and checklist helped agents “stand out in the sea of sameness”.

“They’re an extension of your brand, and people definitely form opinions and judgements of agents based on those letters,” she said.

Eiles said they always sent the letters in an envelope with catchy headings and often with cute stickers saying “open me”.

The idea behind that being, opening the letter means the potential client is already, even subconsciously, buying into the letter’s message.

“It’s helped us gain a lot of traction in our marketplace,” Eiles said.

“The 51-point checklist has also given us a lot of confidence in that we know what to do and that nothing will be missed.

“We do one-on-one coaching with Sherrie, too, and her support has also boosted our confidence and is great for keeping us accountable.”

For more details on Sherrie Storor’s letter packs or to download her 51-point Listing to Sold checklist click here.

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Kylie Dulhunty

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