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Safety Tips for Property Managers with Fiona Blayney: Part 3

Real+ CEO Fiona Blayney takes us through safety in the workplace for property managers in Part 3 of our exclusive 3-part video series.


Welcome back to Episode 3 of our safety and risk management in the workplace. Today we’re going to speak about technology and the importance of having, at a base minimum, one tracking system to ensure that we physically know where you are at any one time in the office.

Now I know it can feel all Big Brother-ish, and people are going to be checking up on you all the time. Trust me, 99.9% of business owners have got better things to do than to be tracking the movement of you and your vehicle.

What is going to be so important is that one percent – well, hopefully not even one percent of the time – that we need to know where you are because we are concerned for your safety. You’re going to want to make sure that we’ve been able to pinpoint you within a minute. And that’s what tracking apps are fantastic for.

Now you don’t have to go out and get some whiz-bang app. We are going through a research phase at the moment where we are reviewing a whole range of different security and safety tracking apps to come back to you with what we believe, at Real Plus and Elite Agent, as being the devices or the apps to look at.

In the meantime, simple things like Find My Friends; you’ll use it on a Friday night when you’re trying to work out which pub you’re going to, so why not use it when we’re trying to work out where people are across the organisation?

If you don’t have a iPhone, you can, of course, use Life360, which is an Android version, again, allowing us to know where you are, putting them even on the work iPad if that’s necessary, not having it on your personal phone if that’s, for whatever reason … I think you’re crazy. I think get it on your phone, so we know where you are, but if it’s pushing the envelope, it’s got to be on every work device.

Even Find My iPhone, going in and making sure that I can access on a computer where all the phones are or where all the iPads are in the office at any one time, not because I’m trying to hate you, to catch you out, but so that I can hate you to keep you safe.

Finally, I would love if you do nothing more out of watching this series than to simply create safety and risk awareness in your organisation, and I urge every leader, every leader watching this, to go through and create a safety health check for your business. Just consider, “Would you pass you?”

I don’t want anybody else to become another statistic. It happens across every industry. We’re not alone. Dealing with consumers comes with risk. Let’s just minimise ours.

I wish you all the very best on your safety check and risk minimisation journey. If we can be of any help, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

Editor’s Note: If you are an iPhone user and have iOS 11 installed, we recommend setting up Emergency SOS, a new feature that allows you to call emergency services quickly by pressing your phone’s side button 5 times rapidly. 

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