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Safety Tips for Property Managers with Fiona Blayney: Part 2

Real+ CEO Fiona Blayney takes us through safety in the workplace for property managers in Part 2 of our exclusive 3-part video series.


Welcome back to our second episode around safety in the workplace. I’m going to speak with you about what to do when you’re actually on site and that gut instinct, that fight or flight mode really kicks in.

At the risk of creating havoc in your office with Fiona Blayney telling the world that if you don’t feel safe, you nee to exit that building. Well, there you are I’ve said it, because no one would forgive themselves if you did not feel safe at a property, and yet stayed because you felt compelled and required to.

When you enter a home, your gut instinct (is) programmed in you for a reason and I know. I’ve been in the industry since ’92, and 99.99% of the time my gut instinct, well, it’s always done me well.

Make sure that when you get to that front of that property; if for whatever reason you do not feel safe (or) you feel under threat, take a moment.

Make up an excuse. Say to the tenant, or the landlord, or the vendor, whoever’s property you’re at and say to them, “Oh sorry, just bare with me a moment. I’ve just left something in the car. I’ll go and grab it.”

Or create some scripts and dialogues in your office that feel brand aligned to allow you to escape. Most importantly trust yourself and remove yourself from that situation.

Once you’re inside the home it’s always wise even if you’re feeling safe not to create a scenario where you feel backed into a corner, not to go into a closed door room, and not to close your exits behind you.

It’s just great safety practice to always know your escape route, should it be required. And remembering great situations can turn sour simply with the arrival of another human.

We are walking into the lives of people when we’re going into their homes, and you’ll never truly know what goes on behind closed doors. Keep your phone at the ready, and create a safety process back into the office should you need it.

I look forward to hearing how you get on with creating these elements in your own business to keep us all safe.

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