Match your digital strategy to your audience: Lynette Malcolm

Truly understanding your customers so you can deliver relevant and timely information is key to winning in the online space. Lynette Malcolm from Chadwick Real Estate, Upper North Shore shares what they are doing to differentiate their business through a refined digital communication strategy.

1. What is the key way your brand differentiates itself using digital platforms?
We differentiate ourselves by blending the way technology works with our local audience, matching the communications we’re putting into the digital space to our target market. We’ve developed a refined strategy to ensure that what we’re putting out there is relevant – we have in-house copywriters and digital media artists doing that. We’ve got a number of developments which are for over-55s, so understanding how this market uses social media and then working out how we can get into that space is critical.

2. What is your favourite social platform for prospecting, and why? How do you use it?
I would say Facebook, because it’s so widely used. We have a CRM system which automatically links to a prospect’s social media accounts. I like Facebook because you can constantly update your profile, and the public can see what you’re doing.

3. Can you give me an example of a social media campaign from any category that has really stuck with you?
My favourite social media campaign would definitely be Domain’s ‘Avalon Now’ series. They satirise the suburb of Avalon – which just happens to be where I live! – and take a comedic look at the ins and outs of the residents. It could be applied to any suburb, but the way they have done it really makes you stop and think about how suburbs really do have their own little nuances. Thankfully I can laugh because much of this is very true and definitely happens in Avalon!

4. Why do you think some real estate brands are so frightened of the digital world? What’s holding them back?
I think it’s the fear of transparency. For brands that are not doing what they should be, there is a fear of what that transparency might create. Real estate is an industry that often resists change. Agents are scared to embrace technology because it might undermine their value in terms of what they bring to a client. Because we are a service industry, there is a fear factor around what technology might bring. In reality, as long as you are adding value to clients and you’re really engaged, you shouldn’t be fearful.

5. What are your top apps for productivity or enjoyment?
Facebook Pages App – For managing Facebook business pages.
Layout – For editing photos.
AgentboxGO – Our CRM app.
Homepass – Domain’s new app for enhanced OFIs.

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