Become the go-to agent with sophisticated content marketing: Gia Le

Using technology to establish and nurture a niche customer base and build your online profile is essential. Providing entertaining and engaging content for your customers, beyond property is a digital marketing strategy which is working really well for Gia Le from Acton Real Estate Dalkeith.

1. What is the key way your brand differentiates itself using digital platforms?
My brand is ‘Perthspective’. I’m all about creating stories; I want to become the leading authority for entrepreneurs in WA. My brand is elegant, aspirational and beautiful. Instead of focusing on property, which can quickly get boring, I focus on people and their journey. I want to entertain, engage and educate.

2. What is your favourite social platform for prospecting, and why? How do you use it?
Facebook and Instagram. I direct all traffic back to my website; it’s all linked to Google Analytics, so I can look at the way the audience interacts with my website. People think social media is prospecting, but it’s more brand building than anything else. The public gets to know your brand, so when they’re ready to sell I will often go in uncontested for a listing. It’s not enough to be in real estate any more, especially for millennials who are educated, savvy and digital. People buy your why and not your what. When people see you engage with other high-calibre entrepreneurs, it’s social proof of your influence.

3. Can you give me an example of a social media campaign from any category that has really stuck with you?
I would say it’s generic – but Apple. Even to this day, the idea of ‘Think Different’ speaks to me. I draw a lot of inspiration from Seth Godin. I’ve always believed that people forget what you say and do, but they’ll never forget the way you make them feel.

4. Why do you think some real estate brands are so frightened of the digital world? What’s holding them back?
I think they only see the personal deficits: ‘What if I disclose too much?’ They’re concerned about privacy. I’m a highly private person, but you can control
what you put out on social media. I think they don’t understand it. Up until 18 months ago I didn’t have anything to do with social media, but when I transitioned into real estate I knew that was one platform I could quickly use to get access to an audience, rather than doing a letterbox drop.

5. What are your top apps for productivity or enjoyment?
LockedOn – Our CRM app.
LinkedIn – Business networking.
Facebook – Targeted social media networking.
Instagram – Visual social media.

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