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Reaching his peak: Mark Poole launches Poole Property

After 12 years in real estate, Mark Poole has decided to take the plunge and create something extraordinary – launching Poole Property in partnership with UrbanX.

As Mark started considering the possibility of building his own business in the Blue Mountains, he recognised the importance of creating a brand that truly represented his values and identity, rather than conforming to an existing franchise or model.

Mark shares, “Building my own business was never something I anticipated doing…but after some time off to reflect, I knew I wasn’t done with real estate, and figured it was worth a go”.  

The driving force behind Mark’s decision was his aspiration to do things his way, to not have to toe a company line and to build a business built on his ethos of integrity.

“Also, to show my kids that it’s good to be brave and ‘have a crack’ in building something under my own name, off my own back, using the skills and experience I’ve learned over a committed real estate career so far,” he said.

The partnership with UrbanX not only provided Mark with the chance to establish his distinctive business but also equipped him with the essential resources, tools, and guidance for achieving success.

Mark’s synergy with UrbanX’s forward-thinking approach and mutual dedication to excellence made it a seamless and natural match.

“Dan (Argent) seemed to really listen to my thoughts, fears, concerns…It often felt like he had more confidence in me than I had in myself to make such a move, and he really made me feel empowered to do it,” Mark says.

And how has Mark’s experience been working with UrbanX so far?

“It’s been a very streamlined process and all the things that need doing when starting a business have been made easy,” he says.

“I wouldn’t have known where to start if I was in this alone, and I would never have done it.

“The UrbanX support, processes, ideas, and suggestions that have come up along the way have all been great.”

Before embarking on his new journey, Mark says he had grown frustrated with the amount of time he spent in the office, away from his clients, and starting his own agency allows him to refocus on servicing his vendors, following up buyers and “all parties have their needs met”.

“I just want to get going now! I’m really excited to share my brand with my local community and to be able to approach every engagement and appointment being 100 per cent myself,” Mark says.

“I want to show I’m not a ‘typical agent’; I’m a local Dad doing his best to help people through their personal transitions.”

What’s Mark’s advice to fellow agents? “Take some time for yourself, be brave, and take the plunge… or you may never realise you are missing out”. 

From the peaks to the valleys of the Blue Mountains, Poole Property is ready to provide unmatched service and introduce an unparalleled perspective to the local real estate market.

Are you looking to do real estate your way? Contact UrbanX today, and you could start your journey tomorrow.

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