PropTech a critical piece of the puzzle: Jason Sharpe

As part of this series, Box+Dice CEO Travis Williams asks the tough questions of top-performing agents. This time around he quizzes Woodards Carlton North and Ascot Vale Managing Director Jason Sharpe about the top PropTech tools his agency uses and how those tools help foster success.

What top PropTech tools do you use to help you find deals, especially in a tight market. What are the main benefits you get from them?

We’re using a number tools to help our team be hyper-efficient and make more money, like Rita, which is an AI tool that enables our team to find the best buyers and sellers to call to put deals together.

We introduced IRE into sales during COVID-19 to ensure we made the inspection process simple for buyers as well as automated follow-up and appointment confirmation.

Real Time Agent has certainly simplified the signing process and made our team far more mobile.

We have much greater flexibility to sign contracts and authorities without clients having to leave their home or the office.

How do you see PropTech changing? How will these changes make your job easier or more difficult?

When PropTech is used well, it often creates great efficiency. Although, if it’s not used well, it can be a distraction.

Do you feel that being at the cutting edge of PropTech is important for your business? Why or why not?

I think in today’s climate our clients expect us to be using the best technology to amplify our ability and make their experience seamless.

Our sales team also want to work in an environment that has great efficiency through technology, to enable them to transact more sales in the same or less time.

Do you ever feel there are too many products out there that you need to juggle?

We are very selective as to what gets implemented. Our CRM, for which we use Box+Dice, is the critical piece of the puzzle.

Everything else must complement our primary processes, which is easy with Box+Dice as it integrates with everything we need it to.

What are your pain points, if any, about using PropTech?

The greatest pain points are always lack of use or not fully utilising a piece of technology.

Duplication of tasks and data points is another pain point that comes to mind.

Could you talk a little bit about how you use your CRM to help you with your business, especially when the market is tight?

Our CRM, Box+Dice, is our sole point of truth for our team.

It enables us to effectively communicate with our clients, and manage the data we capture to understand who the best and most active clients are that we need to be talking to.

What are the main metrics you rely on?

The dashboard data in Box+Dice provides the perfect daily set up and understanding for every sales consultant, so they know the percentage of commission earnt for the month, key calls that need to be done, and completed tasks.

Do you adjust your approach to using PropTech during a difficult market compared to a booming market?

In difficult conditions, speed and efficiency are the keys and the primary focus of most tech is to remove the friction and speed up the process so you can be ready when the client needs you.

What advice do you have for agents who are struggling to find listings? How can they use PropTech better to help them?

Have a clean database and great pride in how you manage your client base.

Have a great AI program that helps you find the right client to call each day.

In fact, Box+Dice has a contact ranking feature that does just that, which is a great time saver.

What are you on the lookout for in the future in terms of PropTech? What would your all-in-one dream platform look like?

An all-in-one platform that links sales and property management to ensure a first-class customer journey.

What are your top 3 CRM tips?

1. Clean data. Make sure you have all the data you should have.

2. Fully utilise the CRM. Most salespeople are undertrained in the use of their CRM and don’t realise the amount of automation that can be deployed.

3. Using the agent app at inspections enables agents to complete all required tasks on the spot.

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