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Prevent burnout with new property management tools

Property managers are calling time on the real estate industry, struggling to cope with busy workloads and poor access to tools and resources needed to succeed.

According to recent research in the MRI Voice of the Property Manager report, as many as one-in-four property managers are considering leaving the profession, with more than half struggling to take care of their mental health and switch off after hours.

PMs are working around the clock without the resources equivalent to their sales team counterparts, making their jobs harder and more stressful.

It’s a trend that Little Hinges wants to reverse, with tools designed to help overworked PMs save time, while keeping landlords, tenants and principals happy.

Little Hinges have introduced a new 3-in-1 property management pack designed to help property managers streamline their workload, using 3D, millimetre-accurate virtual tours to answer tenant and landlord questions and source quotes from trades (instead of requiring an in-person site visit that also involves disrupting the tenant).

The 3-in-1 PM pack can also shortcut the time to get properties rented, often doing away with the need for physical open homes, particularly for tenants looking to rent from interstate.

Agencies are also using them as entry and exit reports, demonstrating to landlords their commitment to protecting their assets.

See a listing example here.

Property managers can pay closer to $300-plus when sourcing assets to manage and promote a property, often with fewer images and inclusions.

Little Hinges sales-quality, 3-in-1 property management marketing pack costs just $199, and includes:

  • 10 x HD images
  • Custom, branded floorplan
  • 3D, millimetre accurate virtual tour.

See a sample tour here.

Instead of spending up to a day each week conducting multiple site visits, driving to and from properties to provide access to tradespeople and answering simple questions about the property layout and facilities at any time of the day or night, Little Hinges wants to give PMs the tools to manage their workloads more efficiently, reducing the out-of-hours demands on their personal lives.

To get an example of  Little Hinges 3-in-1 PM pack sent to you, head to their website.

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