Episode 60: Mark McLeod – Growth in a slower market

“You shouldn’t have an attachment to the outcome. You should just have an attachment to doing it. We run a formula which I’ve used before, which is: volume over consistency multiplied by quality. Keep doing a lot of things consistently with a high-end quality and you will win in the end.”

In this week’s edition of the Elevate podcast as part of our series, The Leadership Diaries, Samantha McLean talks to Mark McLeod, Chief of Growth at Ray White, about the approach agents should take in slower markets, the ‘sequence of sale’, how to have the right conversations at the right time and his advice for aspiring leaders.

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Episode host: Samantha McLean
Special guest: Mark McLeod


02:30    “You can look at the market and you can be paralysed by it or you can look at the market and look at the opportunities that are created.”

03:00    The two types of energy in real estate: external (factors beyond our control) vs internal (what we have control over)
03:30    “All the vendors who are coming to the market today have heard the same news clips, read the same news clips, all the same news stories, read the AFR yesterday, saw exactly the same thing as what we did. Yet they continue and choose to come to the market.”
04:00    Vendor motivation i.e. how the agent perceives the vendor: when the agent believes the vendor is motivated, they work hard. When they don’t think their vendor is motivated, they drop off.

04:45    “It’s about allowing good processes, good communication, transparency in information. I think that, ultimately, will determine the real desire for the homeowner to sell.”

07:00    Mark McLeod’s ‘sequence of sale’ and why the second of the three sales is overlooked.
09:00    “We have a saying that when the market’s booming, the buyer creates the sale. When the market flattens, the vendor creates the sale.”
09:30    The agent’s role is to enhance the consumer’s information-gathering to help them create a sale.

10:50    “The great agents have an ability to enhance or be part of the conversations that occur when they’re not in the room.”

13:30    Agents and vendor reports: “It’s the [agent’s] activities combined with the vendor report that create the movement that we’re looking for.”
14:00    “At the centre of any ecosystem is that relationship with your marketplace. The relationship with your homeowners and how everything else kind of oscillates around that relationship.”
15:00    Consumers are past seeing how many homes you’ve sold. Consumers want to be able to see exactly how you can transact during challenging times.
16:00    Mark’s winning formula for agents: volume over consistency multiplied by quality.
17:00    Social media VS face-to-face relationships.

17:45    “Moving that person from a skeptic through to an advocate is the journey that you want to take a consumer on.”

18:30    Technology tries to keep the agent at the centre of everything they do by creating a vehicle to point them towards the right conversations at the right time.

The Leadership Diaries

20:00    Mark’s first jobs and what they taught him.
21:00    What Mark does to set himself up for success for the day
22:00    The most important things Mark is working on right now and how he is achieving them
22:40    The three people that have shaped Mark’s leadership style
23:40    Who Mark is learning from right now
25:00    Mark’s favourite questions to ask in an interview
26:00    The most important characteristic Mark thinks every leader should have, and the worst advice he’s heard given to new agents

26:45    “Speed kills so hasten slowly.”

27:00    “In this market, you don’t get paid for listing. You get paid for selling. You get paid for creating flow.”
28:15    The key message to take away from the 2018 Ray White Connect conference.
29:30    Mark’s goals for the Ray White Group over the next 12 months.
31:30    Mark’s advice for writing from Seth Godin

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