No luck about it: Million Dollar Listing’s Matt Altman on work ethic, mindset, and how he and his brother went from zero to real estate heroes

He might be one of the best known real estate agents in the world, but did you know Matt Altman sold nothing in his first six months in the industry? Zip, zero. No income at all. Here, he shares how he turned that around with hard work, mindset and a call from Kim Kardashian.

Ask Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles star Matt Altman about his incredible rise to real estate fame, and he’ll quickly tell you there was no luck about it.

Instead, he and his brother Josh have worked hard, damned hard to get where they are today. After initially starting out flipping houses, their success and 24/7 work ethic now sees them at the pinnacle of the global real estate industry.

Collectively known as the Altman Brothers, they have sold more than $1.47 billion worth of high-end properties this year alone, with their client list reading like a who’s who of the sporting and celebrity world.

Kim Kardashian is on speed dial, they count KISS’ Gene Simmons as a personal friend, but it hasn’t always been Beverly Hill’s finest addresses and A-List parties.

In fact, Matt almost gave the idea of real estate away after making nothing in his first six months. Yep, it was zip, zero, no income at all. So what turned that around?

In this episode of the Elevate podcast with Leanne Pilkington, Matt shares an insight into his career, including when the brothers knew they had made it in real estate, how they manage work and growing families, what they’d do differently, and where they’re headed to next.

He offers an insight into how he and Josh work together, why they’re akin to chameleons, the ways they tailor their approach to suit their clients.

Matt also shares what it’s like to work with big names and major celebrities, and discusses how he plans to retire by 55, courtesy of a bit of a shift in strategy.

It’s an in-depth insight into one of the most well-known real estate practitioners in the world that includes some tips on mindset, work ethic, business best-practice and a whole host more.

“Everybody thinks when you’re getting paid a commission, you’re making a large sum of money. You’re not actually getting paid for closing that deal. You’re getting paid for the 22 deals that didn’t work out plus that deal divided up, because that’s the proper way to look at our business.” – Matt Altman.

Matt and Leanne also discuss:

  • How he and brother Josh play to their strengths and weaknesses in business and with clients.
  • Why they assimilate to the person they are dealing with, by observing the tiny details of their lives.
  • How the pair balance a growing business and families and the ways their priorities are beginning to shift.
  • Why filming a hit show will never get in the way of serving their clients to the highest level, and how they ensure that’s the case.
  • What it’s like to work with some of the biggest celebrities in the world, and the lessons Matt and Josh have learned along the way.
  • How Matt came to be in real estate, why it wasn’t all smooth sailing and the work ethic and mindset that turned that around.  
  • The hundred things Matt would do differently if he could, but why everything happens for a reason.
  • Where Matt and Josh intend to be in 10-years’ time and why there might be a shift in strategy on the cards.
  • Why real estate isn’t easy even for the best in the business, and how self-motivation is key to success.

And much, much more…

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