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Michael Choi on Area Specialist’s approach to real estate

When Michael Choi founded Area Specialist, he did so with the goal of helping other agents build their business within his business.

In this episode of Elite Agent TV, Michael explains what makes Area Specialist different, the results top agents are achieving and what’s next for the national brand.

Introducing Michael Choi, Founder of Area Specialist

I’m Michael Choi, the founder of Area Specialist. 

Area Specialist helps top performing agents open up their own business. 

They keep 100 per cent of the commission and we remove a lot of the time, the cost, and the risk associated with opening up a traditional-style real estate business. 

We have good lead generation systems as well.

Our branding – it’s very sharp, it’s clean, it’s consistent. 

The agent has their own logo. It’s their name. Area Specialist becomes their title. 

It’s nationally consistent throughout the whole of the country, which is quite important. 

Clean, sharp, modern branding, lead generation, top performing agents, and the agents keeping 100 per cent of their commission.

What are the benefits of joining Area Specialist?

The benefits of an agent joining area specialist is, putting aside keeping 100 per cent of the commission, we take care of everything for them, so that they can continue to list and sell property and do the dollar productive activities. 

So we take care of the realestate.com.au, Domain subscriptions and REIWA subscriptions if they’re in Western Australia, Allhomes subscriptions in the ACT, Pricefinder subscriptions, CRM, digital proposals, digital signatories, personal website, corporate website, branding, trust accounting and administration. 

All the things that an office would normally do for an agent, we actually take care of all of that for them.

The thing that stops people from opening up their own business is that they have to wear many hats. 

We make it so that they only have to wear their hat that they’re currently wearing right now, and we do everything else.

The job is to save agents time…

If I was to sum up what we do, we sell time.

The agent doesn’t have to think about branding. 

They don’t have to think about subscriptions. 

They don’t have to think about what to send, how to send, what things are to look like, they can just continuously do what they’re doing so that they can make more money, enjoy life and be with their loved ones. 

So, we sell time.

Are there any success stories you can tell us about?

We just finished the financial year and we had an agent do 1.9 million in GCI. 

We had another agent do 2.9 million in GCI. 

We’ve got an office that did 255-plus rentals in 12 months. Another office did 155 and 160 was another one. 

So we’ve had some decent success. 

We’re putting on about one agent a week nationally and they are top performing agents, so it’s quite good.

What are you currently working on?

What we’re currently working on is the website. 

We’re just improving the website, putting a lot of time and resources into making sure that it not only looks sexy, but it’s got a great user experience. 

And also we’ve just launched a new brand It’s called Black Label, but we’re currently working on Area Specialist 3.0 brand.

So this is, once again, we’re just removing all the time and the costs of thinking about all these things, investing in all these things for our agents. 

Where can I find more information?

Go to beyourboss.com.au and check it out, or you can call me 0431 063 855.

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