Reader’s Choice – Top 10 Marketing Articles for 2016

Here is a list of your favourite marketing articles for 2016 based on the number of views/reads – in no particular order! The emerging area of content marketing proved a big hit this year so we will certainly be looking to give you more on this subject in 2017.

1. Market Your Listings to the Right People on Facebook

Facebook has recently made more changes to their algorithm which again better favours content from your friends, rather than what you may be posting to attract new clients or buyers. But there is a way that you can more effectively target your content, whether it’s listings or other social content to the right audience on Facebook using some clever big data analytics by Quantium and CoreLogic. Samantha McLean explains. Watch Now.

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2. Video of the Week (Nov 16) – Playboy mansion post-sale marketing

It’s not every day you sell one of the most iconic and highest-priced pieces of Los Angeles real estate. Gary Gold, from Hilton & Hyland, secured the sale of Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion for over $100 million in August this year. See how he has recently created a great post-sale marketing video asset. Watch Now.


3. Video and Content Marketing with Josh Cobb

Josh Cobb from Stepps discusses a video marketing strategy that has helped other agents completely dominate their local area in Google’s search results. And this one technique as described by Josh, is really so simple that if done right, it can really keep the leads coming in – easily and inexpensively. Watch Now.

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4. Why Personal Branding is Essential for Real Estate Agents: Melanie Hoole

Personal branding – it’s the buzzword of the moment, and for real estate agents, it is critical to every sale. Standing you apart from the crowd, making you memorable to vendors, authentic personal branding can be the difference between success and failure. Read More.

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5. 10 Digital Tools to Supercharge your Marketing

Regular readers of Elite Agent’s daily e-newsletter The Brief receive a marketing and technology tip every Tuesday and Wednesday. Many of the tools we have talked about are things we use and love ourselves – they keep our website humming, and can help you achieve great results for your digital marketing too. These are our 10 favourite digital marketing tools of the moment. Read More.


6. Millennial Buyers: What Are They Looking For?

In a few years’ time, millennials will make up over 40 per cent of buyers in Australia. And with an insatiable thirst for the sensational in all aspects of life, they are no different when it comes to the properties they hope to buy – and their method of buying. Chloe Taylor uncovers what millennial buyers expect in a home, and in their real estate agent. Read More.

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7. Facebook – How to be Heard Where People are Listening: Sarah Bell

According to Facebook, there are 14 million people in Australia who use their platform, 11 million of whom return to it on their mobiles several times a day. But is Facebook a social application or a business tool? The answer is both. It is a social utility that real estate agents can leverage to reach a mass audience that is local, mobile and social – if they know-how. Read More.

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8. Become the Go-to Agent with Sophisticated Content Marketing: Gia Le

Using technology to establish and nurture a niche customer base and build your online profile is essential. Providing entertaining and engaging content for your customers, beyond property is a digital marketing strategy which is working really well for Gia Le from Acton Real Estate Dalkeith. Read More.


9. Content Marketing – How to Become the Local Expert: Nathan Krizanski

Content marketing is the current buzzword bouncing off the walls of conference rooms and being discussed by business coaches around the country. However, most agents are still confused and overwhelmed about what they need to do to make a start in this fast-paced digital world of marketing. Data expert Nathan Krisanski explains. Read More.


10. 5 Common Sense Questions to Build Your Marketing Campaign Around

Marketing is an area that’s surrounded by a largely unnecessary amount of smoke and mirrors, particularly at the campaign planning stage. However, it doesn’t need to be that tenuous. Tracey Daniel strips marketing down to its basic, common sense essentials. Read More.

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