Manos Findikakis: The three defining traits of the best in the business

Why is it two agents can operate from the same office, in the same market with the same tools at their disposal yet achieve very different results?

It’s a question I often consider, having watched both high-performing agents and those who struggle to gain the traction they desire.

Having observed this over the years, I don’t believe it comes down to magic or a secret sauce, but rather a combination of three key traits that define the best in the business.

Better yet, these skills are something any agent can embrace, with a little discipline, a little routine, and the right guidance.

Here’s what I believe are the three defining traits of top-performing agents:


Regardless of who you are and how much you’ve achieved, real estate sales can be a rollercoaster, but the best agents don’t get distracted when things don’t go to plan.

Instead, they draw on a mindset which comprises three key elements: belief, hunger, and perpetual learning.

The top agents have an unwavering belief in their own ability, that they deserve success, and that real estate is a long game where hard work and discipline ultimately reap results.

Even for the top performers things will inevitably go wrong occasionally. But when they do, these agents move on quickly.

Rather than fixating on a lost listing, a sale that’s fallen over, or a poor review, they move on to the next opportunity with belief in their ability, a hunger to improve, and they take on board the lessons of what’s occurred.

Time management

Ask any top performer about the way their day flows and they will acknowledge they fiercely guard their time.

After all, real estate offers a freedom where you might be the master of your own time, but it is time spent doing the dollar productive tasks that sets the foundations of good results.

That means the top agents often block set times to execute high-value activities every day.

What do I mean by high value? Well, real estate is a people-focused career that’s all about forging connections with current and future clients.

I’d argue there’s no greater high-value activity than simply picking up the phone to have a meaningful conversation.

Each of these phone calls should have one of three purposes:
• To generate a future listing (prospecting).
• To provide an update on a current listing, including price repositioning or property feedback (negotiating).
• To get a ‘yes’ in a sales negotiation (closing).

I’ve often said no other activity comes close to generating results like simply picking up the phone, but if there’s a next in line, it’s meeting face-to-face with buyers and sellers.


If your time is precious and your mindset is critical, then delegation is essential.

The reality is every minute you spend doing a non-dollar productive activity that could be done by someone else is costing you greater success.

The best agents all have assistants, they employ sales associates and then often form teams to leverage their results.

This affords these top performers the opportunity to create great client experiences while increasing their capacity for further meaningful conversations with current and future clients.

It also sees them embrace high-touch client processes that their teams consistently tap into.

The ultimate aim here is to have a team dedicated to creating raving fans, in the knowledge your time as the lead agent is devoted to building a business based on the best service possible.

And, of course, once an agent reaches this point, they are a brand unto themselves.

They are recognised in their marketplace, renowned for their service and trusted for their expertise.

The question then becomes, would they like to leverage that recognition and build their own business under their own name?

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Manos Findikakis

Manos Findikakis is the CEO of Agents'Agency, Australia's first multi-brand real estate network.

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