Leveling up: How to grow from real estate agent to million-dollar agent

When it comes to making your mark as a million-dollar agent, times have changed. According to real estate coach Sherrie Storor, if you want to be the best in your field, you need to get focused on becoming a modern-day agent. Here, she shares her top tips for how to get with the times to achieve million-dollar agent status.

Becoming a high performing agent in today’s market, agents need to focus on how they can become a modern day agent

It’s about taking everything we’ve learnt from the industry, personalising it (making it brand YOU!), implementing the systems and structures into your business and adapting to meeting the needs and wants of your customers.

Having worked as both a real estate agent and a coach for many years, I’ve developed an eight-step process that will help you attract buyers, sellers, and referrals.

Your database

A modern agent should be operating two databases – your everyday CRM and social media

Your social media database is made up of the connections you make via the various platforms; they’re the people you communicate with every time you make a post, whether that be through Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin. 

Both CRMs are valuable tools to be used to communicate with your audience.

As agents we are collecting data from potential sellers and buyers every single day. It’s extremely important to ensure your data is correctly saved. Data is gold!

Your circle of influence

Building relationships within your business, your network, and with suppliers is super important. 

It enables you to forge meaningful connections which you can call upon to give and/or receive referrals, build residual income and share knowledge. Building a support network in the industry can help you level up in your business!

Property presentation

The presentation of a property means more than a quick tidy up at the start of an open home. It also includes professionally styling the property, using the right photographer and a copywriter to tell the home’s story.

It’s about building a custom marketing plan suited to individual homes, and going over and above by securing property public relations for those homes with exceptional stories.

How you present at an open homes is the final stage. Turn up early to ensure the property is presented properly before you open, create a beautiful environment for visitors with music and a signature scent, and always have clean presentable and informative marketing collateral about the property to share.

Process driven

It’s critical to have a process to follow for each stage in your business, such as:

  • Exceptional open homes
  • Prospecting
  • Handling inquiries
  • Listing-to-sale
  • After sale

Having a process means you’ll be checking off each step and nothing will be missed. Having processes also means anyone in your team can perform to the same high quality, as they’re able to pick up a process, follow it and represent your brand in the same way every time.

Public relations

It’s important to build relationships with those in the real estate industry that can share your story with the mass market.

Find out who the editors and/or journalists are in your market, and work towards building positive relationships. Realestate.com.au and Domain are both huge publishing businesses that publish both online and in print. There might also be some local publications or online outlets you wish to approach too. 

Network with those who you believe are making an impact and establish yourself as an authority in your industry. To do so you may need to engage in some personal public relations, write and distribute relevant media releases, and even use social media to spread your message!

Personal marketing

One of the most confronting parts of being a million-dollar agent is establishing and marketing your own personal brand!

Get comfortable with building a celebrity profile for yourself. Use print, billboard, and social media ads, create lead capture pages, organise and host local events, get involved in charities or parts of the local community that you passionately believe in.

All of these things will help you work towards becoming recognisable within your community.

Become the best agent you can be

Never stop learning. To set yourself apart from the crowd, it’s important to always be informed and continually educate yourself.

Make sure your skill set is high. If you feel you need help somewhere, seek additional training. Make sure you are on top of your product and market knowledge.

You want to become the trusted resource for real estate information in your local area!

Seek out top coaches, mentors, and courses to help you along the way. Remember, success is a skill.

It’s also important to ensure you keep mentally fit. Look after yourself, and take the time to ensure you show up as the best version of you.

Exceptional service and results

Provide the highest level of service possible to both your sellers and your buyers.

Incorporate extra little touches that represent you and your brand through each process.

Doing so will help you build a following, create a tribe, have mad raving fans, and result in repeat and referral business.

So, do you want to find out how you can become a million-dollar agent? How about how you can put your Listings On Autopilot?

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Sherrie Storor

Sherrie Storor is a respected speaker and industry trainer. She also mentors, coaches and empowers agents to succeed without sacrifice. Her individual and group consults focus on strategies which equip agents with the skills to secure sustainable success.