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John McGrath: World Class Agents

John McGrath is an Australian entrepreneur and the founder of McGrath Estate Agents Company located in Australia.  McGrath Company was established 1988 in Paddington, Sydney in a small office, and was founded on a philosophy based on integrity and transparency, and a well-laid out process to deliver outstanding results and satisfaction for clients. 

Key Topics in this video

  • How to create a plan and nurture clients
  • Client attraction strategy
  • Building relationships and prospecting externally strategy
  • Little things are important to help attract and win clients
  • Creating a plan around prospecting and listing
  • The move from amateur to professional
  • Core skills and values every agent should adopt.

“This is a game of inches: winning or losing in a listing via percentage or an inch is all the difference, you don’t get paid much for running second in a listing, right? You get paid zero. 

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