Jimmy Burgess: The 7 lies unsuccessful agents believe

Top US real estate agent Jimmy Burgess says there are seven lies unsuccessful agents believe that ruin their careers.

In one of the latest clips on the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties of Florida CEO’s YouTube channel, he says the type of action you take in your business depends on what you believe.

“I want to make sure that we clear the table, so to speak, and get rid of some of these myths that are out there about the real estate business that a lot of unsuccessful agents are believing and that’s holding them back from being everything that they can be,” Jimmy says.

Top agents get all the business

This belief propagates the idea that only top-ranking agents monopolise the entire real estate market.

It implies that newcomers or those not already at the top have no chance of getting business.

But Jimmy points out the reality is that everyone starts somewhere, and with determination and a clear strategy, any agent can reach the top.

The market is fluid and ever-changing, providing opportunities for all.

“We live in a world where certain people do a majority of the business, but here’s the thing, those people didn’t start out doing that,” Jimmy says.

“At some point they were exactly where you are.”

The market is too difficult to gain share

This misconception fosters the view that current market conditions are too challenging for gaining or increasing market share.

But Jimmy says a changing market creates new opportunities for those willing to adapt, innovate, and act.

Market share is always in flux, and determined agents can find ways to grow, even in a down market.

Cold calling does not work

A common belief is that cold calling, or unsolicited calls to potential clients, is ineffective.

But Jimmy argues that cold calling can be an excellent way to reach potential leads if done correctly.

By offering value and strategically approaching prospects, cold calling can yield positive results.

Jimmy suggests ‘circle prospecting’, which is where an agent calls a potential client to let them know about a good sale in their street or neighbourhood.

Lack of funds to market yourself

Some agents think they need significant financial resources to market themselves successfully.

Jimmy said this myth overlooks the potential of free or low-cost methods, like social media, videos, and other online platforms.

“You could be shooting a video on your phone that could be going out onto YouTube and has an audience that it is looking for what you’re doing,” he says.

“Don’t make the excuse that you need more money to make money, you don’t.”

Jimmy says that hustle, creativity, and determination can often replace financial investment.

Direct mail is dead

The perception that direct mail campaigns are obsolete or ineffective persists among some agents, but Jimmy says it can be a successful marketing strategy.

By using modern enhancements like QR codes and consistent branding, direct mail can continue to engage clients effectively.

Jimmy says it just requires patience and consistency, rather than a one-time effort.

Uncertainty about what to do

Jimmy says this lie represents a lack of initiative or fear of the unknown, where an agent claims not to know the right actions to take.

But, in the age of the internet, countless resources, tutorials, and guides are at every agent’s fingertips.

Instead, Jimmy says the real issue may be a lack of willingness to take action, rather than a genuine lack of knowledge.

Doubt whether techniques will work

This last misconception reflects a lack of faith or confidence in various methods and strategies.

The fear that something might not work can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, leading to inaction or half-hearted attempts.

Jimmy emphasises that real estate is an “if-then” business; if you follow proven strategies and put in the work, you will see results.

The key is to shed doubt and commit to action, learning from those who have succeeded before you.

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