How to win clients with text messaging: Sean Smit

“We focus on SMS because it's personal, it's convenient, it's how most consumers want to engage with each other and with a business, and it's where their attention is.” Sean Smit

Text message is a simple, convenient and highly personalised way of marketing. But how can you use it to best effect to engage with people and convert them to clients? 

In this episode of the Elevate podcast, Podium’s Sean Smit talks through the advantages of SMS over other marketing methods, and how the real estate industry can use it to start a two-way conversation that converts. 

In this podcast, Samantha and Sean also discuss:

  • How text message reaches 98 per cent of clients
  • The advantages of text message over other marketing methods
  • What a great SMS marketing campaign looks like
  • How to make your message personal and elicit action from a client
  • The dos and don’ts of SMS marketing
  • How to engage in a two-way text conversation that converts
  • Why it’s all about convenience and personalisation
  • And more…

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