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How to stand out in the real estate industry and increase your listings

With so many agents operating in the same areas, it is easy to get lost in the crowd. Potential sellers are continually targeted with marketing campaigns, and the need to stand out is more important than ever.

The issue agents face on an ongoing basis is they are not only up against other agents in their core market, but other agents in their own office.

It is already confusing for vendors when they are trying to choose an agent, and this becomes even more challenging for them if there is more than one agent from the same brand fighting for the listing.

As an agent, you have an opportunity to showcase who you are and differentiate yourself from your competition in your local area.

There is no better way to do this than by launching your own brand.

Agents who launch their own business are able to unlock the power of their own brand and stand out from their competition, helping them to differentiate themselves from other agents in their market.

This exposure creates a flow-on effect, driving more inbound inquiries than ever before, which leads to more listings. More listings lead to more signboards in the local area and more signboards lead to more exposure.

There is no better way to stand out and increase your inbound leads than launching your own brand. 

Download the free eBook today and understand the ‘5 benefits of launching your own brand’.

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Dan Argent

Dan has drawn on almost 20-years of real estate experience to re-imagine the purpose of real estate agencies in the modern era, with intentions of turning the old model on its head. To facilitate this real estate revolution, Dan has taken on the visionary role of Chief Energy Officer at UrbanX.

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