How to deliver ‘wow moments’ in a changing market

With the potential for sooner-than-expected cash rate increases, along with affordability constraints and weakening consumer sentiment, Exp Australia Director Emily Morgan knows her vendors need more than her knowledge and experience to successfully navigate the current changing market.

They need her to deliver RESO wow moments!

“Two years into the pandemic, as agents we can’t know everything the future holds but we do know vendors want real estate to be easy and they want it to be fast – two things RESO’s technology delivers in spades,” Ms Morgan said.

“Sitting with a potential vendor and sharing how RESO gives buyers easy access to every piece of documentation and a simple SMS invites them to make an offer, always delivers a ‘wow moment’.”

Known as an ‘out of the box’ thinker, Emily is building on more than 13 years of experience in real estate, training and recruitment, and delivering ‘wow moments’ every day using RESO to secure listings and sell them for the best possible price.

“RESO is perfect for all market conditions but is especially important for agents in a changing market who will struggle to find time to enter client details in their database and manage their compliance responsibilities,” she noted.

“Anyone who SMS’s me, emails me, attends an open inspection, or inquires in any other way, gets invited directly into the RESO platform where their details are captured, and they are given access to all the documentation they need.

“The compliance capacity of RESO by itself from an agent’s and director’s standpoint is amazing – there is absolutely nothing in the process that can possibly go astray.” 

For Ms Morgan, RESO is also invaluable when it comes to educating vendors about the genuine interest in their property.

“For me the simple download and discussion process with RESO makes it really, really easy to make sure I am communicating all the relevant details to my vendors,” she said.

“Buyers can also see where they are in the list of offers and know if they really want the property, they need to make another offer – there can never be suggestions the agent is bluffing.

“Vendors also know that the agent is telling the absolute truth because they have access to the vendor link and have a helicopter view at any point in time of the sale.

“RESO is so open and transparent it addresses the mistrust many people have for the industry and for real estate agents themselves.”

Ms Morgan’s goal as an agent is to always get the best possible price the market has to offer for every property she lists.

“RESO’s technology helps me build trusting and respectful relationships with vendors and buyers and subsequently sell properties for the absolute best price,” she said.

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