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How to maximise your buyers’ offers and keep them all onside

Every agent knows technology holds the key to help them become both effective and efficient.

However, as Real Estate Sales Online (RESO) National Sales Manager Sean Scoffield explains, the largest issue for agents is that not all solutions deliver on their promise.

“Being a real estate agent is exhausting; building instant connection and credibility can be an uphill battle and time demands may make it difficult to maximise processes,” Mr Scoffield said.

“A misstep in choosing the wrong technology can cause a lack of productivity, money and overall client experience.”.

Noting that’s why RESO was created, Mr Scoffield said the platform provides transparent reporting, insights and automated triggers that drives competitive tension amongst buyers, whilst removing friction between buyers and agents.

“RESO’s primary focus is to help agents automate their offer and acceptance process, creating a simple, easy-to-use experience. But it is RESO’s unique built-in ranking feature that is helping agents stand out from the rest, revolutionising how agents engage with both buyers and vendors,” Mr Scoffield said.

Rob Walker is the Principal of Perth Property Partners, and said the biggest difference he encountered when he started using RESO was the improved relationship with buyers.

Rob Walker, Principal for Perth property Partners

“There was a higher level of communication and openness. Conversations were more engaging given the transparency of the process,” Mr Walker said.

The ranking feature notifies buyers where their offer sits against others, without disclosing the price.

And Mr Scoffield said it had already shown incredible returns for agents using the feature.

“Results show that on a $1 million property, agents who use the ranking feature can expect an offer increase of between $30,000 to $60,000 or 3 per cent to 6 per cent,” he said.

“The ranking feature’s ease of accessibility for both the agent and buyer has seen offer increases of up to $250,000, with buyers able to update and resubmit their offer and T&C’s from the palm of their hand.”

Mr Scoffield noted he believed RESO’s ranking tool delivered “the best ROI in the prop-tech Industry”.

“Agents remain in total control of the offer and acceptance process, deciding when, where and how they share information with buyers, enabling them to lead with what they do best… sell,” he said.

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