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How to attract new listings: Jim Remley

Video Length

1 hour 11 min 35 sec

What You’ll Learn:

If you’ve been struggling to generate leads or get new listings during COVID-19, Jim Remley has an idea or two.

The top US agent has a 90-day plan and 11 areas for you to target to get your business back on track or surging ahead even stronger.

In this in-depth Transform lesson, Jim details how focusing on vacation rental owners, such as Airbnb hosts, can generate listings from those who may suddenly need to sell due to financial difficulty.

Plus he has the marketing tips to get you there.

Jim also explains 10 ways to generate referrals in the relocation sector and how to work with business owners to promote them and get your name out into the community in the process.

Other lead and listing avenues include using circle marketing, targeting those selling their own home and absentee owners.

In this Transform lesson Jim also discusses:

  • What’s happening in the US market following the COVID-19 crisis and how that compares to Australia.
  • Why ditching hibernation mode and being a leader will secure you more listings.
  • The importance of video in lead generation.
  • How to connect with and contact people in your sphere of influence, including the art of having a virtual coffee.
  • 10 ways to target the relocation market, including why you should contact Human Resources Directors in medium-sized businesses.
  • Virtual open homes, why buyers love them and how they will stick around long after the COVID-19 crisis passes.
  • Databases, their multiple degrees of separation and how to tap into them.
  • How to generate leads among those who find themselves suddenly unemployed.

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