Going viral with video: Christian Gravias

“Branding wise, it's amazing for the vendors. It works because we're getting a lot of eyeballs onto the property. And it's just very different,” Christian Gravias

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Christian Gravias is a director of Collings Real Estate in Melbourne. He has quickly gained attention for his focus on digital marketing, using unique video campaigns, social media and influencers to raise the profile of the properties he sells.

His videos currently average over 100,000 viewers and Collings has now established their own dedicated media and marketing division in-house.

In this episode of the Elevate podcast, Christian shares how his videos went viral, and why agents should start thinking of themselves as a marketing agency that happens to sell real estate.

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In this podcast, Samantha and Christian also discuss:

  • How Christian found his niche in real estate and a passion for marketing
  • How Christian combines influencers, videos and social marketing to sell properties
  • Why it pays to think outside the box and invest in marketing
  • How he demonstrates the value of thinking differently to his vendors
  • Christian’s top tips for social media, including where to be and what to post
  • The big plans for Collings ahead

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