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Video of the Week – Location and living space

With a combination of uncanny timing and great creativity - Collings Real Estate has created another video smash - this time highlighting the benefits of a great living space in the event of a pandemic-era 'snap' lockdown.

Never in our lifetime has the concept of the home been so important, including the ability to have a functional and relaxing space.

Lockdown also highlighted the importance of being close to local amenities, as the 5km radius proved extremely restricting and this only increased the further away from the city you lived.

When Christian Gravias from Collings Real Estate saw this property and its location, he instantly thought of the idea of showcasing its nearby amenities.

“This home and location are so good even after restrictions eased you wouldn’t want to leave,” he said as the idea was being discussed.

The property video also encapsulates all the antics that occurred during lockdown, from the over-buying of groceries and toilet paper, to the explosion of TikTok, homeschooling, online gym workouts, the boredom Melburnians went through and the rush to get home for an 8pm curfew.

Mr Gravias said his agency had focused on increasing the visibility of unique properties through viral video campaigns.

“These videos are created specifically for social media to attract buyers that normally wouldn’t be reached through standard real estate channels,” he noted.

“We decided to do a video on COVID as it has been a hot trend for the last 12 months so the property movie was always going to get great attention.”

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