Gnome sweet Gnome: Josh Horner launches The Horner Agency with UrbanX

Former Dancing With The Stars judge turned real estate agent, Josh Horner, has propelled himself further into the spotlight, launching his alternative high-energy real estate business, The Horner Agency.

Bringing a real showbiz experience to real estate, Josh has found a way to combine two passions with the help of UrbanX.

In his previous life, Josh was a professional ballet dancer in the Australian Ballet, starred in musicals across the globe, was a creative executive at Disneyland choreographing shows and parades, and had his own TV show Oh My Josh

A reinvention into real estate was never planned, and Josh tells us he “fell into it when his dance career was ending.”

But little did he know he would fall in love with the people and the profession, bringing his biggest performances to sell his clients’ biggest assets.

However, after working towards another business’ goals for a bit more than four years, Josh was ready to make the step up.

“Realising the amount of passion and energy I poured into this job compared to some of my previous colleagues or fellow competitors, it became apparent that other agencies wanted me to work for them,” Josh says. 

He says his experience with UrbanX has been liberating.

“I got the call from UrbanX that showed me that I could make it on my own,” Josh says.

“I feel loved and supported by the entire team and they are very open to collaborating to make sure I am 100 per cent happy with everything… It feels exciting.”

So, how does Josh intertwine his love of theatre with selling houses?

With all types of dance moves, Josh adds some light to the stress of selling by filming ‘sold’ dances (often including his clients dancing in front of their sold sign), which he posts on his social media, bringing enthusiasm and connection back into his sales process.

And all of this comes naturally, as he explains:

“People’s homes or castles are my new shows… I treat them like a theatrical production from the audition, getting the listing and winning a lead role as the chosen agent, to making them negotiate with me and winning the home for their family and celebrating that momentous occasion with a casual fun dance… letting them finish by an exit through the gift shop and live happily ever after,” Josh says.

“That’s what I love about my job.”

In addition to the theatrical dances, how is The Horner Agency unique?

“I have a dancing garden gnome as my logo…I mean how fun is that!,” Josh says.

“But I’m serious about making my business a fun connected experience that, no matter what age you are, you will connect emotionally and feel listened to and thought about for years to come.”

As he looks ahead, Josh is most excited about, “Being rewarded for the amount of passion and work I will put into my clients and being accountable for any mistakes I need to learn along the way”.

To add context he explains, “At the photoshoot for my new shots for the brand, the energy felt electrifying already.

“I am so ready to ‘fly’ on my own.”

Josh’s advice to other agents thinking about making the same move is simple.

“You have to have that spark inside you or it won’t work,” he says.

“If you think you have what it takes and UrbanX keeps calling you then something must be working! Go for it!” 

With The Horner Agency bringing the fun, glamour, and pizzazz to the Mardi and Watanobbi NSW real estate scene, we look forward to seeing Josh, and the properties he represents, take centre stage.

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