Kyle Raven launches with UrbanX – the way of the future for high-performing agents

For 15 years, Kyle Raven has built a reputation around his passion for real estate, and now, the time has come for him to put his own name on the door, launching Kyle Raven in Wangarrata, Victoria.

Kyle’s dedication, discipline, and expertise in the field has led him to partner with UrbanX to bring a consistent high standard to his market.

Naming your business after yourself automatically adds authenticity and humanity to the brand, breeding trust amongst clients and the community, so ‘Kyle Raven’ was a no-brainer, with his new brand now resting upon the strong personal reputation he has built himself. 

Understanding his own strengths and weaknesses made leaving the traditional agency model and partnering with UrbanX an easy decision. Kyle says, “My strengths as a real estate agent are in the listing and selling of properties – not in administration!”. 

Add to that the frustration with the lack of agility and flexibility in the traditional model, it was the perfect time to break free and put his stamp on the industry.

“Being able to conduct business the way I want to and having agility along the way will be of great benefit to my clients and will help us achieve some great outcomes.”  

After identifying the gaps in his offering, Kyle decided to leverage UrbanX’s business structure, stating, “This is where the support of UrbanX with admin, accounts, uploading properties, marketing and design comes in. They are all experts in their respective fields and it leaves me to do what I am an expert at – real estate”.

For this reason, he believes that UrbanX “is the way of the future for high-performing agents”.

Kyle’s experience working with UrbanX so far has been “amazing”. He continues, “I had no idea what I was doing in terms of starting my own business/company but they have been there the whole way through holding my hand… with their expertise in all of this, the control freak within me has had to take a bit of a back seat and trust in the people at UrbanX.”

Kyle loves how his brand has come together and the way it visually represents his approach, “Innovative and cutting edge in the way a real estate transaction is conducted, whilst remaining authentic”.

After successfully launching his brand, what is Kyle’s advice to other agents? “I don’t think there is any perfect time to do it and I certainly didn’t give any consideration to the timing, but it will still work out in the end… If you are considering starting your own business, I would definitely recommend getting in contact with the team at UrbanX who are building something really special”.

Now that Kyle is empowered by UrbanX, he has more time to do where he does best: sell houses and apply his wealth of knowledge to his transactions, ensuring the best possible result for his clients every time.

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