A combined vision for culture: Michell Estate Agents launches with UrbanX

Simone Michell, in partnership with UrbanX, is excited to launch Michell Estate Agents, empowering her to create a space that embodies everything she believes in.  

Ms Michell has built her reputation as a real estate agent within the Coffs Harbour community with one simple goal: being fearlessly authentic.

After three years in the real estate industry, it became clear partnering with UrbanX was a platform that aligned goals and values. 

Ms Michell explained culture is important to her and it has always been that way.

“Regardless of the position that I have been in I have always demanded thoughtfulness and kindness from each staff member,” she said.

“I wanted to create a space for me that embodied everything that I believe in and be surrounded by people that are thoughtful, people with a growth mindset, people that are kind and put other people’s needs before their own.

“I won’t tolerate ego if it comes without humility and humbleness.” 

And it’s in this belief that she connected with the UrbanX team.

“This business model is exceptional and the team deserve six stars!

“I have never in all my years had the honour of working alongside such accomplished and clever people. I could not be happier about my choice.”  

Ms Michell is an experienced agent with a passion for beach property and high-level expertise in property development, market analysis, marketing and presentation.

Her goal for Michell Estate Agents is to become the agency of choice for high-end investors looking for reliable support and skilful advocacy in navigating the unique challenges of the luxury property market.

With a solid growth focus, a passion for learning, and an authentic and supportive communication style, Ms Michell is well positioned as one of Coffs Harbour’s most sought-after sales agents. 

But what was the tipping point that saw her branch out to her new role?

As she puts it, she was tired of not belonging. Frustrated with being surrounded by people with completely different mindsets and questioning whether she had what it takes to be successful within this industry, Ms Michell felt like the odd one out.

Now with the constant support of UrbanX behind her, she can finally focus on what she loves the most.  

When asked what that love is, she says, “It’s the opportunity to change people’s perceptions of the real estate industry…”

“I love having the trust of my clients, allowing me into their lives, into their families and into their homes.

“I love meeting buyers that have worked really hard to create an opportunity for themselves and I get to be a part of making that happen.” 

Ms Michell was full of advice when asked what feedback she may have for other agents thinking of starting their own brand.

“One thing I can 100 per cent promise you is that if I had known how incredibly brilliant my UrbanX team was going to be I would have made the move so long ago.

“Make a call, ask some questions, and just trust that the team has your back. Then? Hold on for the ride!”. 

As Michell Estate Agents takes the next leap, UrbanX couldn’t be more excited to support Ms Michell as she “strives for excellence, never stops growing and learning and continues to be fearlessly authentic”.  

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