Relevance through reinvention: Lyndall Allan on how to refresh your approach, re-establish your relevance, and what it takes to go out on your own

Whether you’re re-entering real estate or looking to refresh your image, how can you reinvent yourself to stand out from the crowd? In this episode of the Elevate podcast, Salt Property’s Lyndall Allan shares the successful reinvention strategies that have helped shape her 23-year career.

Over the course of a lengthy career, there will be times when an agent needs to refresh their image and reinvent their strategies.

Lyndall Allan of Salt Property understands this better than most. In her 23-year in real estate she’s reinvented herself on a number of occasions, with new skills, new prospecting strategies, some unique marketing ideas, and now her own business.

In this episode of the Elevate podcast with Cassandra Charlesworth, Lyndall discusses what it takes to reinvent and re-establish your career, whether that’s because you move towns, take a career break or simply need to change direction.

She shares the successful strategies she’s employed along the way and how they helped her become an agent of choice who stands out from the crowd in the community she loves.

Lyndall also offers an insight into how she made the major move to open her own business and why it’s the best thing she ever did but one of the hardest decisions she’s ever made.

She shares some of the lessons she’s learned along the way including the crucial areas to focus on during those first make or break months going out on your own.

Down to earth, humble and genuinely invested in being an agent with integrity, Lyndall also offers an insight into how she manages the tricky work/life balance of being a successful sales agent and business owner while juggling a young family at home.

From how she came into real estate, to what attracted her to auctioneering and why she became known as Newcastle’s high tea agent, Lyndall shares the secrets of a lengthy, successful and satisfying career.     

“I would hire wait staff and put on beautiful champagne and drinks and do beautiful food and play the music, all of that sort of stuff, and invite the neighbourhood to attend. And from that, I’d pick up appraisal after appraisal and again, it was just a point of difference. I was the ‘high tea’ agent, but it really did kick me back off and it worked.” – Lyndall Allan.

Lyndall and Cass also discuss:

  • Why real estate is a career that recognises a strong work ethic, and how Lyndall’s used that to underpin her career.
  • How Lyndall reinvented herself and refreshed her image to gain more listings, find her tribe and become an agent of choice.
  • Why Lyndall chose to become an auctioneer, how it pushed her beyond her comfort zone, but allowed her to stand out from the crowd in her area.
  • How Lyndall uses reviews and referrals to build her business, and the successful strategies she employs to gain five-star feedback time and again.
  • When Lyndall knew she was ready to start her own business, how UrbanX assisted and why it’s the best decision she’s ever made.
  • How Lyndall navigates the work/life balance, why she took two years out to travel with her family, and the benefits it offered both her mindset and career.
  • Why it’s a misconception that real estate is easy, and how she puts in the hard yards to do the right thing by her clients.
  • Lyndall’s advice for others considering their own business, including the key areas to focus on during the initial start-up phase.
  • The people who have helped shape Lyndall’s career and the lessons she’s learned about people and real estate along the way.

And much, much more…

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