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Getting back on top after COVID-19: Thomas McGlynn

Video Length

37 min 41 sec

What You’ll Learn:

Did COVID-19 thrown you a curveball you didn’t see coming? 

Have there been days where you felt like you couldn’t get out of bed? 

That it was too overwhelming?

The Agency’s Thomas McGlynn knows how you feel – he’s been there too.

But Thomas also knows how to beat the slump, get back on top and use this crisis and feeling outside your comfort zone to grow and succeed.

In this Transform 2020 Leadership Lesson Thomas examines how adopting “new business energy” or “start-up energy”, just like you did on your first day in real estate, can make all the difference in turning the COVID-19 crisis corner.

He sheds light on why agents must use this period to audit their business and set aside time in the future to examine what they’re doing well, where they are floundering and how they can fix things.

Thomas also delves into what positives have come out of the COVID-19 crisis, including more online auctions and superior communication skills, and what we should continue to do now restrictions are easing.

In this Transform lesson Thomas also discusses:

  • How to lead during a crisis, including how to cope when you’re outside your comfort zone.
  • Why scripts and dialogues are no longer the silver bullet they once were, including how you can take a more natural, heartfelt approach to winning listings and selling properties.
  • Off-market sales, why they work but also why they shouldn’t be the only tool in your toolkit.
  • The number 1 trait you should have as an agent and why it will help you win business.
  • Recognising that it’s ok to ask for help in a crisis and how it can make you stronger, not weaker.
  • What the future holds, including why flexible working environments are here to stay.

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