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Five in Five: Five tips from #icny17 day3

Some notes from Sam’s Five in Five from #icny17 – Day 3

On Inman Day two we looked at some of the trends that are a bit over the horizon in terms of when they may land in Australia. These are trends that are happening right now.

(Note: A small slip of the tongue in this ‘one take’ authentic video. Behind Sam is the New York Stock Exchange not the American Stock Exchange. Please forgive us!)

  1. Virtual Reality (part 1)Realtor.com unleashed their Sign Snap and Street Peek products this week, which allows the property seeker to point your mobile at a for sale signboard and have the listing info pop up on your phone. Realestate.com.au showed a prototype of something very similar at AREC 2016.Late last year, ealestate.com.au launched their VR listing service on the Google Daydream platform and after having a play with it, truly it is awesome and what you can see of the property from the Goggles is really detailed, right down to the paint on the walls.
  2. Virtual Reality (part 2) – The VR tours are underpinned by Matterport technology. It’s amazingly simple to use and the technology continues to improve.
  3. Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (part 1) – Voice-activated artificial intelligence for searching for property is coming soon. (Believe there is a company in Australia right now that is doing this – check out myrealestate.com.au which appears to have a beta product going right now).
  4. Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence (part 2) – There are a lot of chatbot type “widgets” for websites under development that can recognise words like “buy”, “sell”, “rent” and more. These are intended to provide an efficient first line of support so that a customer’s enquiry can be directed efficiently to the right human.
  5. Remarketing – this is where a consumer visits, for example, your website, and it drops them a tracking pixel or a cookie. Then the consumer may visit another website and see your advertising because they have visited you before. This happens on Facebook quite a bit! Adwerx is a company that has provided remarketing in the US for some time, they are coming to Australia soon – so we will be bringing you more on that one shortly!

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